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Even in our local area, not many people know the true scale of the works that we can offer - basically if its grass (of virtually any description), we can offer services to help you maintain it, improve it, or even prepare the ground and reseed it.

As well as the usual pedestrian equipment expected of a business of our type, we also have a range of compact tractors and implements dedicated to grass care and the preparation and maintenance of grass areas.

Services we offer include:

To domestic properties:

This service operates to domestic properties within an approx 10 miles radius of Spalding, Lincs and can include (as well as the grass cutting) fertilizer applications through the year, moss control, scarifying and weed control as necessary to most sized lawns on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Generally on each visit these lawns will be cut with a pedestrian roller mower, lawns edges maintained and all grass cuttings taken away as part of the service. Additional treatments undertaken as seasonally necessary and at appropriate times.

If you just want your grass cutting and no lawn care services - we can offer that too!

Commercial and amenity grass cutting:

Commercial and amenity grass cutting services are generally offered with 25 miles of Spalding, Lincs and can be caaried out on a one off or regular (generally) fortnightly basis - for other options please contact us.

Pedestrian mowing using roller or wheeled machines, collection, discharge and mulch options available - we have a waste carriers licence in force enabling us to legally remove grass cuttings from your site for off site disposal via an approved composting facility.

Using our compact tractors we can offer mowing services including flail mowing without collection with our Sovema flail mower or with collection facility with our Amazone flail mower (we can flail mow and collect cuttings from wildflower areas using this machine if necessary).

We also have Teagle rotary finishing mowers with rear discharge or mulch options  and Huxley cylinder gang mowers for cutting finer turf areas.

With a quick blade swap, the Amazone machine also converts into a flail scarifier, again with or without collection option. Ideal for sports pitches, large lawns etc where pedestrian scarifying would be uneconomic.

Equestrian paddock maintenance:

Wide range of services available throughout the year!

We also have available in house a full selection of equipment for maintaining and improving equestrian paddocks, we can offer chain harrowing (both mounted frame types and trailed fully floating types), we also have a Sisis Deep Slitting machine which we find ideal for aeration of horse and pony paddocks. With a working width of four feet and tines that can penetrate over 6" into the ground this tool quickly makes thousands of thin 'slots' in the ground helping alleviate the inevitable compaction caused by horses hooves vastly improving grass health and surface drainage.

We also have heavy harrows and a tractor mounted roller for smoothing out heavily poached or damaged areas of grass.

If you have a severe waterlogging or compaction issue or are on heavy clay land, then we can also offer mole draining services. This consists of a specially constructed mole 'plough' that creates a cylindrical passage through the earth and through the compaction layer above allowing water free passage from the surface into the lower layers of soil.

If your paddock needs fertilizing or weed control - we offer that too. In conjunction with our agronomists, we can analyse your soil, find out what fertilizer would be most appropriate and correct most mineral and trace element deficiencies to give your grass a much needed boost.

We can also offer weed control services to deal with most common paddock weeds including the dreaded Ragwort. 

Preparation of ground and seeding of new grass:

We can also carry out preparation of ground and carry out seeding of new grass or repairing of existing areas wheter you just need a light chain harrowing and overseeding to thicken the grass in your paddock or need an area of ground preparing and transforming into lawn, we have the equipment to do so.

We can plough and/or rotovate, level out, consolidate and then seed most areas that it is possible to get a compact tractor into.

We have access to seed mixtures for all occasions be it sports turf, paddock grazing, general purpose or formal lawn.

Got a question?

Need some more information?

Think we can help?

For all your grass care needs, don't hesitate to contact us:

By phone to the office 01775 830250, by phone to Adam's mobile 07745 247488,

or by email southlincsgrasscare@yahoo.co.uk or info@lawncaresspalding.co.uk

South Lincs Grass Care is a trading name of ANP Services Spalding Limited.




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