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Sherriff Amenity, one of the largest national amenity distributors in the UK, has launched a unique range of new biological pest control products.

It is that time of year again when we might just find some unwanted visitors dwelling in our soil, feeding on plant roots and damaging the turf. The problem however does not just rest there – if we fail to remove them, then the likes of birds, badgers and foxes make matters worse by tearing up the turf in order to feed on them.

Unfortunately, the emergence of Leatherjackets and Chafer Grubs are all too common at this time of year, so those experiencing this problem will be pleased to see the launch of Sherriff Amenity’s three new biological pest control products.

Sportnem-H – for the control of Chafer Grubs & Bibionid Fly
Sportnem-H contains the insect pathogenic nematodes Heterorhabditis bacteriophora, which targets chafer grubs in turf. Applied as a drench, the nematodes move through the moist soil to find a Chafer Grub releasing symbiotic bacteria which feed on the host. In addition to Chafer Grubs Sportnem H also controls Bibionid Fly.

Sportnem T – for the control of Leatherjackets
Sportnem-T contains the insect pathogenic nematodes Steinernema carpocapsae. These are effective against a number of turf pests, especially the larvae of Crane Flies (Tipula spp.) and others. Once the nematodes have been released into the soil, they seek out the larvae and penetrate them via the epidermis or via natural orifices such as the mouth, the anus, and breathing holes. The nematodes feed on the contents of the grubs, excreting specific bacteria from their digestive tracts as they do so.

Adult Crane flies only live for a few days. Some species have one generation per year, while others produce several generations in a year. As soil temperatures drop, larvae go deeper into the soil and hibernate.

Nemaflo – for maximum results
Nemaflo is a specifically designed carrier to aid the movement of insect-parasitic or entomopathogenic nematodes into the soil profile to the target pest. Nemaflo is designed to partner Sportnem H and Sportnem T and any other soil applied beneficial nematode product.
The most important reason to use a carrier is that the nematodes, being very small, can get ‘stranded’ within a water droplet. Nemaflo will reduce their ability to spread out and establish and will aid the movement in order to get the nematodes to the target pest. Nemaflo is tank-mixable with a wide range of beneficial nematode products.

Good timing and application are crucial and best results are achieved when treatment starts at first signs of larvae, rather than retrospectively.

For further information, please contact Sherriff Amenity on 01638 721 888 or visit www.sherriffamenity.com

For more news and insightful views, you can follow Sherriff Amenity on Twitter @SherriffAmenity

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