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Popcorn, cranberries and, well...

I love Christmas. Fereday loves Christmas. We start decorating as soon as it's just about acceptable... which is still usually before the first ads appear on the television or in the papers....Anyway, Fereday has learned a bit about decorating since we first got together.... so it's only occasionally that I find something that mystifies him... most recently mystification – indeed disbelief – set in when I mentioned that it was traditional in the States to string cranberries and popcorn together as a garland for the tree. (I think my family only did this once – your fingers end up stained with cranberry sap which makes you look like some crazed homicidal maniac... wrong holiday!) Disbelief reigned until my Mother told him it was true earlier this year.....So, now I'm wondering..... popcorn and cranberries are very American.... should I try to find an English equivalent? Raisins and digestive biscuits.... Or something Yorkshire? Puddings and Pontefract cakes..... I could try something particularly representative of us, but seeing as we have house rabbits, the obvious choice for replacement cranberries is just too unpalatable for words.... Maybe I should just be glad we don't live in Arbroath??
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  • Hi Phil - Did you know that the communal 'room' in a burrow is called the 'kettle' - we now call the lounge the kettle - Feredays and the rabbits are singing from the same hymn sheet!
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    I can think of no better starter on Christmas Eve than an Arbroath Smokie:)

    Did you know that wild rabbits, that are forced to live in burrows through inhospitable weather, will store their 'currants' as supplies for later?

    p.s. I love Christmas too :-0))
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    Hi Cat

    I didn't see your reply and deleted by original post because of the poor spelling of currants:) so our posts are out of their original order.

    Interesting point on the kettle - as long as Fereday doesn't store anything for future crisis'
  • We've got a 5 hot water bottles!!!!
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