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New garden patio and paths in Manchester on a new build house using Marshall's dark eclipse granite project packs with a Marshall's light granite border and jointed using GFTK vdw 840 plus in a stone grey colour provided by NCC Streetscape



Before the work commenced

Laying the Eclipse granite with 4mm - 5mm joints

Cutting the eclipse granite paving to the border detail

Cutting the granite to size
The smaller 300mm x 300mm units don't fit correctly when spaced out and need 5mm cutting off one edge to keep an equal 4mm - 5mm margin all the way round the flag

Jointing the Marshall's Eclipse Granite Patio

Wet the Eclipse Granite Patio using a hose pipe

Open the GFTK vdw 840 plus sealed container and pour onto the patio in small quantities

Brush the GFTK vdw 840 plus into the patio paving joints


Remove any surplus jointing material

Filling in around the edges



The finished Marshall's Eclipse Granite patio, it took less than 1 hour to point all the patio joints


Front path with curved stone steps


Video showing the patio construction using Marshall's Eclipse Granite and GFTK vdw 840 pointing material supplied by NCC Streetscape


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  • PRO Member
    Looks fantastic - great story board of photos too...
  • Thank you Craig
  • Thank you Gaynor
  • Yes Mick, that piece of work is top draw, well done to all at Crystalclear
  • Thank you kerry
  • PRO Member
    Excellent as always Mick. Hope you liked the GFTK.
  • Thank you George, yeah the GFTK is very good indeed like you said when we last spoke about it
  • Thank you Clive


    no it was caused by the heat of the sun last week when we was not there

  • Thank you Chris
  • Very Nice Mick!!!

    I posted a forum post regarding removing gas and oil spills on stone, any suggestions??? Thank you .

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