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This year, 07/12/10, I found my self travelling up the A38 at 30 mph due to the digital Garden Design Devon logo. temperature reading flashing minus 5 at me, my destination is the stunning Exeter Golf and Country Club, Devon. I'm not usually a Sunday driver, however, it's better to be safe than sorry.

After the warmest greeting by Helen Whitelock, Marshalls register administrator we continued to the conference room, were an excellent introduction was given by the Marshalls register main man, Mr David Jessop, his relentless enthusiasm is one of the reasons I remain on the register today, and the fact that Marshalls are by far the leader in supplying hard landscaping materials in the UK.

Personally I'm very excited about the new products , the new quality 24hr delivery service offered direct from Marshalls, huge marketing campaign aimed solely at the South of England, and complete diverse rebrand that is currently being undertaken across the entire board at Marshalls, this meeting has me very excited indeed at my role within the Marshalls "family" and I for one look forward to the new business year and meeting new prospects via being a member of the register.

Southwest regional award winning garden:

Contemporary Garden Design by Kerry Jackson With an air of anticipation in the room Dave Jessop rounded off the very informative evening with the award ceremony. Having previously noted who had been nominated this year I knew that the competition was fierce. Awards were issued to landscape, paving and driveway installers in Cornwall, Dorset, Avon and Wiltshire regions, ranging from Best driveway installation to Best patio under 5K.... well done gents, I sincerely trust your awards bring you the business you require.......

" The Southwest regional award winner for The most creative use of a Marshalls product...." is announced by Dave "No surprises here, The award goes to Jackson's Landscape Design, Devon"

Now I did not expect that!! I didn't even remove my winter coat for the award photos, I was shocked to receive this award again, none the less very happy to have my work remotely recognised and connected to the word "creative".

Only a handful of the finest regional award winners are selected and seven companies are invited by letter at a later date with information of the National award ceremony to be held at Marshalls HQ, Halifax in March 2011.

Again Jackson's Landscape Design, proudly fly the flag for Devon, we look forward to providing an exceptionally high service and bespoke quality garden design and inhouse garden / landscape buildups, traditional or contemporary.

Thanks Marshalls, here's to a brighter future "Creating better Landscapes".

Southwest regional award winner:

Marshalls Southwest regional award 2010.

Award presented by David Jessop, Marshalls Register.

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  • PRO

    Very well done...again:)

    You must be very proud?
  • PRO
    ;) Phil

    Just to have my name next to creative is excellent for my business plans, can you imagine the looks on their faces when a rammed earth / marhalls product is viewed at the 2011 awards entry.

    Really looking forward to 2011....
  • well done kerry,hope things go well for you in 2011 with your rammed earth,i follow your blogs with interest.
  • PRO
    Well deserved win Kerry. Just waiting for you to win the South East Region next!
  • Well done Kerry.
  • Congratulations well deserved
  • PRO
    Hey Juicers

    Thanks for the feed back, the blood, sweat and tears, I might add, are all worth while in the long run.

    If I were a client I'd be snapping myself up, every day I'm becoming finely tuned in delivering, creating, listening and sniffing out the very best for my clients.


  • Nice one Kerry, Hope I see you in the Finals, fingers crossed we both get picked.

    all the best,

  • PRO
    Hey Mark

    You never can tell, if all else fails we could always meet up at the Creating Landscapes exhibition where my new venture, Eco-Maze, will be exhibiting, you'll be able to view a small contemporary rammed earth garden at stand 305 and I'll be showing how rammed earth is constructed practically at the show too.
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