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A recent new machine purchase has recently been added to the fleet here at South Lincs Grass Care.

Our new British manufactured Teagle Dynamo 150 rear discharge finishing mower (pictured below) has a cutting width of 5 feet and has a cutting height fully adjustable between 25mm and 100mm - this provides an efficient means of maintaining larger grassed areas such as paddocks, caravan sites, grass around commercial sites and amenity areas. A mulching kit can be fitted to this machine by customer request to enable a 'cuttings free' appearance to finer, more regularly cut turf such as large lawns etc. 

A blade speed of 92 metres per second means a fine cut on all types of grass, without leaving the ryegrass seed stalks and weeds standing like some cutting methods can do.

Shown here on its debut outing fitted to our four wheel drive compact tractor fitted with turf tyres to avoid marking grassed surfaces, the machine proved its efficiency and versatility against competing machines on the market within the first few hours of operation.  

The combination of this machine with our Huxley TR66 mounted cylinder gang mowers and Amazone Grasshopper flail mower and or scarifier combination unit means that we have the equipment and expertise to tackle all common grass maintenance requirements throughout South Lincolnshire.

From fine turf mowing to amenity grass cutting, or scarifying, aerating or harrowing a large expanse of grass we have all the solutions 'in house'.

We offer our full range of grass cutting services to private and trade clients within 30 miles of Spalding, Lincolnshire.

If you have any questions about services that we could provide to yourselves, feel free to browse our website - www.anpservicesspalding.com - if your question is not answered there, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone during office hours (07745 247488, 01775 830250) or via email at southlincsgrasscare@yahoo.co.uk.

(South Lincs Grass Care is a trading name of ANP Services Spalding Ltd - registered in England and Wales)



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