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ICL & Syngenta Launch Ultimate Offers 2017

ICL and Syngenta have launched their popular Primo Maxx Ultimate Offers for 2017, which are set to provide turf managers with a combination of great products through a range of extremely cost-effective packages. 

Primo Maxx is commonly used on all types of sports and amenity turf because it improves the quality and performance of the turf and encourages root development as well as significantly reducing the mowing requirements.  Because of these benefits Primo Maxx has become a fundamental component of many maintenance programmes and so the Ultimate Offer is always most welcome at this time of year.

The Ultimate Offers combines the grass growth regulator Primo Maxx, Sportsmaster WSF water soluble fertilizer, Greenmaster liquid fertilizer AND Syngenta XC nozzles. The packages are designed for use on greens or stadium pitches (Ultimate Offer 1), tees and surrounds or multiple pitch applications (Ultimate Offer 2) or fairways, roughs or larger multiple pitch applications (Ultimate Offer 3).

Available exclusively through ICL distributors until 31st December 2017, the Ultimate Offers can help stretch budgets by saving turf managers up to £4,000 per year. 

Each package comprises of:

Ultimate Offer 1 – ideal for greens or stadia applications.

1 x 5 litre of Primo Maxx
200 litre drum of Greenmaster Liquid
13 x Syngenta XC 04 nozzles.

Ultimate Offer 2 – ideal for tees and surrounds or multiple pitch applications

2 x 10 litre of Primo Maxx
18 x 15kg Sportsmaster WSF High N 35-0-14 + 0.13Fe
13 x Syngenta XC 04 nozzles.

Ultimate Offer 3 – ideal for fairways, rough or larger pitch applications

4 x 10 litre of Primo Maxx
36 x 15kg Sportsmaster WSF High N 35-0-14 + 0.13Fe
1 x Syngenta art of application kit (includes 13 x Syngenta XC 04 nozzles, cyclinder, nozzle height indicators plus a podcast/DVD).

Darren Anderson from Abergele Golf Club, who previously purchased Ultimate Packages 1 and  2, commented: “Both packages form an important part of our annual programme. I have found that the Primo Maxx/Greenmaster Liquid combination in Ultimate Package 1 offers excellent consistency within the greens, whilst Ultimate Package 2 helps lower fairway maintenance and improves their performance. The Syngenta XC nozzles are a fantastic extra; they provide even spray distribution, reduce drift and improve spray coverage.”

John Ledwidge, Grounds Manager at Leicester City FC, has also reported excellent results from Ultimate Offers: “At Leicester City, we find them great value for money,” he said. “We apply Primo Maxx throughout the summer as part of our very structured turf maintenance programme applying every four weeks at both the stadium and training facility. We find the balance of the Primo Maxx tank-mixed both the WSF and Greenmaster liquid helps us

manage our mowing regimes and doesn’t compromise the colour or health of the turf.”

Echoing Darren’s and John’s thoughts is Paul Coleman, Resort Superintendent at Dromoland Castle Golf Club in Ireland, who said: “We have a large five-star hotel and estate with reduced staff numbers, so the Primo Maxx and Sportsmaster WSF work brilliantly to give us the high standards demanded by our members and guests year in, year out. We have noticed our fairways are getting thicker and denser, and recovery time from heavy wear and divots has reduced during busy times. Golfers have actually taken time to comment on the improvement in sward density on the fairways and how this has led to an improved ball strike.”

For further information, please contact ICL on 01473 237100. Visit www.icl-sf.co.uk

For more news and insightful views, you can follow ICL on Twitter @ICL_Turf

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