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This is a scenario that occurs more often than you may think!

Perhaps the property you are moving into has been empty for a while, or the grass has just 'got on top of you'?

Now its several inches (or feet!) above where you want it - what's the best option?

You could, if you have access to such equipment and an awful lot of time, cut it all down with a heavy duty petrol strimmer or brushcutter - however this is time consuming and back breaking work, especially where the area is measured in acres....

You COULD cut it with a ride on mower, but many 'domestic' machines simply cannot cope with longer grass and you would find cutter belts and drive clutches will literally snap under the strain resulting in VERY expensive repairs - as well as the time you are without a mower whilst waiting for it to be repaired......

You COULD get the local farmer to cut it with a 'paddock topper' assuming the modern farm tractor will actually FIT through the access onto the area and you are happy with large wheel ruts and divots left by the treads of the agricultural tyres...

You COULD perhaps hire a smaller tractor from your local hire centre - although it is still likely to be on 'agricultural' type tyres which will leave ruts - and have you ever driven a tractor before? Would you be able to operate it competently and most importantly SAFELY? NO?

What options does this leave?

Depending on your location, there may be a local, independent grass care contractor who can help.

Here at South Lincs Grass Care, we own and operate a wide variety of grass land maintenance equipment within a 30 mile radius of Spalding, Lincolnshire.

We can provide equipment, operator and all necessary fuel to cover all your grassland requirements.

In the scenario of the overgrown paddock above, we would use our powerful compact tractor, with rear mounted flail mower to efficiently clear the overgrown area - this coupled with pedestrian mowing and strimming along any boundaries or fence lines will soon tame the unruly growth. 

Our flail mower is specially set up for grassland work with swinging 'Y' flails instead of the heavy 'hammer' flails used by councils for roadside verge cutting - our machine actually 'cuts' the grass instead of just 'bashing' it off.

Long grass, nettles, thistles and docks are no match for this machine, which will easily cut them down and finely chop them up.

Need the area maintaining afterwards?

We can help with that too - we offer a regular grass land maintenance programme, through which we operate a set of compact gang mowers and a powerful out-front rotary mower in conjunction with the flail mower and various pedestrian mowers to ensure we can also offer an appropriate and cost effective solution for your paddock or lawn.

Don't struggle with your overgrown grass - call us today - 01775 830250  - 07745 247488 - or email us - southlincsgrasscare@yahoo.co.uk

(We offer grassland services to both retail and 'trade' within 30 miles of Spalding, Lincs)



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