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How much do ride on lawnmowers cost to buy and run?

How much do ride on mowers cost?

Secondhand ride on lawnmowers can be bought from as little as a few hundred pounds from the likes of Ebay and such, however – unless you are very lucky, these are often not a financially sound investment as generally no one gets rid of a perfectly good working ride on lawn mower!

A ‘cheap mower’ can soon cost hundreds more when you discover it is in need of replacement drive belts, blades and bearings – and that’s assuming the engine is in good running order and the gearbox works correctly.....

New ride on lawnmowers cost from a thousand pounds upwards into the tens of thousands for a high specification commercial machine.

For regular cutting of larger or rougher areas, eg paddocks or amenity areas, a ‘commercial’ specification mower is a must as ‘homeowner’ grade machines soon wear out or fail when you need them most.

That high purchase cost is before a several hundred pound annual service and the fuel that you will use cutting your lawn, the addition premium on your insurance against the mower being stolen and the building of a shed if you have no where secure to keep the new mower plus the constant risk of it getting stolen...

Are there any other options available?

You MAY find it easier to get a grass care specialist to attend your property to cut your grass regularly.

A contractor will provide their own commercial grade machines and fuel, cut your grass as appropriate and be able to advise on its ongoing care, eg weed control, over seeding etc.

You will have no concerns over security or maintenance of your own ride on lawn mower, no problems such as breakdowns or poor weather when you want to cut the grass.

Most contractors will provide a free quote for regularly cutting your grass, indeed you may find it a more convenient option than buying a new ride on mower!

If you are within 25 miles of Spalding, Lincolnshire and would like a quotation for cutting your grass with a ride on mower – here at South Lincs Grass Care we will happily provide one.

Our compact tractors can be fitted with various attachments, from flail cutting overgrown grass to cylinder gang mowing a fine lawn, we have the attachments and experience to carry out grass maintenance quickly, safely and efficiently. We also have a selection of smaller ride on lawnmowers and pedestrian mowers to suit all kinds of grassed areas.

For a free quotation, simply contact us today – 01775 830250 or email southlincsgrasscare@yahoo.co.uk

Then compare our price to the purchase and running costs of a several thousand pound ride on lawnmower....



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