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york stone paving

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POINTING WITH EPOXY RESIN  photo unjointed_view_zps9a5c7642.jpg POINTING SUPPLIED BY supplier photo title_logo_zpse23f3a15.jpg TWO PART EPOXY RESIN POINTING  photo pail_zpsaab463d9.jpg

PLACING POINTING FROM PALE  photo empty_01_zps492f2d4b.jpg STARTING TO SQUEEGEE IN THE MIXED RESIN  photo spread_01_zps88b91796.jpg WORKING FROM CENTRE  photo clean_01_zpsc25ae790.jpg CLEANING OF AFTER 15 MINUTES IN WARM WEATHER USING GOOD CONTROL OF BRUSH  photo clean_02_zps91b15c0f.jpg WORKING AS A TEAM  photo team_zpsbbabcbf7.jpg CLOSE UP OF POINTING NO STAINING THE SHINE YOU SEE WEARS OF DOES NOT STAY ON THE STONE UV RAYS DO THE TRICKclean photo complete_02_zpsaeb43610.jpg CIRCLE DONE after photo complete_01_zps417d2cc5.jpg SOME OF THE PAVING BEING DONEsweeping of photo clean_03_zps8382de72.jpg FINAL PICTURE TAKEN ON DULL DAY SHOULD HAVE WETT THE PAVING FOR BETTER PHOTO later photo photo complete_03_zps25fd6440.jpgNatural Stone Settsstone setts resin pointing

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