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Folloing on from the forum thread about hard landscapers having an obligation to learn about plants and soil then likewise garden maintenance guys have an obligation to learn how to lay paving before just having a go
Do hard landscapers have an obligation to learn about plants and soil?

I posted this in 2010

A happy customer in the end

The mess some of these people are leaving in gardens and distroying customer confidence is unbelievable, we are getting many more phone calls to quote and recitify badly laid paving, and I don't just mean lift and relay a few flags I'm talking rip the lot out and start again

we have just completed a 170m2 patio and paths all round the house and everything that the original person had built or laid was removed and all the work was started from scratch mainly due to the Tommy Walsh 5 spot bedding method not being the correct way to lay paving and using the wrong sub base material which was not compacted

The customer had no choice but to stop the work from proceeding any further

The completed patio and new steps

This just one of the many jobs we are asked to recitify, most jobs we qoute for we don't get because of the additional cost involved to the customer who sadly has to pay twice for the work to be made right but it does bring it home that it makes sense to use a Marshalls approved installer as the customer does have a guarantee for the work they had carried out should that installer cease to be in business or the work was not carried out correctly in the first place then it will be recitified at no additional cost


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  • Mick you are finding this more and more where clients, who I think must shoulder some of the blame for the mess they get themselves into by way of employing people and trades who do not have the relevant cross over skills for the work they are asking them to do.

    If i want a tree lopping down i would not ask the guy who is laying my patio to do it, but client thinks i will save myself a few quid by asking them whilst they are here. It is a skill that has to be learnt not a matter of shinning up a tree and hacking a way at a few branches...seen it done though. The same applies in way of asking a garden maintenance firm to lay my patio why would they do this unless it is just save money and the maintenance firm saying "I will have a go make a few quid"...always ends in tears

    In answer to your question Mick unless you have the relevant skill sett stick to what you do best and leave the other trades to do the same...we are getting to be a nation of "experts in everything but a master in none" i think horses for courses and be proud of the skills you have for the career you have chosen.

    If you are a dentist don't think that gives you the skills to prune a beech hedge it does not, employ someone who knows what they are doing.

    Your pictures prove the point admirably.

  • PRO

    Here's the post Mick refers to: http://www.landscapejuicenetwork.com/forum/topics/do-all-hard-lands...

    My original post wasn't meant with any criticism toward anyone who only carries out hard landscaping only. I wasn't even really thinking about quality issues but trying to offer up more of a debate concerning cross-trade harmony.

    I suppose the client should be brought into the equation too. What a client already has an idea of what plants - for when the project (be it a drive, raised borders or patio etc) is finished. Do hard landscapers concentrate only on what they have been tasked to do or get involved, to a degree, with the soil and planting...even if they are not going to be involved later on?

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    cross trade harmony, are you taking the piss ?

    we have to contend with this crap what's left by unskilled people doing work well above their capability and your taking about harmony with other trades

    shakes head in disbelief

  • PRO

    A great improvement and money saved Mick.

    I listened and learn from you and Kerry Jackson years ago. I have done 4 patios since with full 4inch compacted mot and full mortar bed inc sealing indian stone on that. No complaints & i have peace of mind that they are solid and i will only get positive feedback.

    many thanks :) and glad i listened to your years of experience..

  • PRO

    did they ask you if you could lay it on top :-0 !!

This reply was deleted.

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