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The Chelsea International Flower Show 2013 has been cancelled do to poor Easter weather, say organisers. The event will now take place in September.

Event organisers are hurriedly making plans to ensure that all participants have enough time to save their plants.

The advice being given is to put all plants into a dark room without water or light to stop them flowering early.

"This method is the only one we know that will ensure that all living matter will be retarded enough to stop buds and leaves opening" advised a Chelsea spokesman.

"We are so disappointed as this is our hundredth year" she continues, "but at the moment the show area is under two feet of snow and only yesterday, two Chelsea Pensioners were reported missing after they went for a stroll in the gardens".

Organisers hope the weather will be fairer in September and hopes everyone understands.

Alan Titchmarsh has been stood down for the foreseeable future.

UPDATE: The Chelsea in-shore lifeboat and helicopter rescue located the two Chelsea Pensioners clinging to rocks in the rock garden and they are now safely back sipping Gin.

See you in September!

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