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Beware Landscapers!

Its that time of year where the worms who think up the scams are starting to wake up as have had a call this afternoon about advertising the the police magazine. I always ask them to send me a copy of past magazine for reference, they then just hang up. So beware dont get caught out of your hard earned money.

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    I have had the same people phoning saying i have reserved a space in the magazine for HNS workers and how would i like to pay the invoice of £250 Plus Vat, as i had not ordered any ad with the company i was not going to pay a penny and when i asked them prove this the guy on the phone said i ordered a space with them in November and he would get the call played back and send me a copy.
    That was the last i heard about the matter and that was over a year ago now, so watch out for the Scam Call, i think they are from Liverpool.

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