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Barbara Everard and cultivatedate.com (or co.uk)

Dear Phil,On David Channon's recommendation (and another ex-Tadpole shareholder!), I have signed up.Two things to which I would like to draw you and your member's attention - next year is the centenary of the birth of my mother, Barbara Everard, and to celebrate I am developing a virtual exhibition gallery. Not to take up too much of your time, log on to www.barbara-everard.com. I am looking for sponsors of the website, weblinks to interested parties and, anyone who has or knows anyone who has one or more of her paintings. Maybe a start would be to cross link LJN!The second is www.cultivateadate.com - a niche dating website for anyone with a gardening or horticultural interest seeking like minded people, whether for a date, make up a group or join a group for holiday garden trips. Once again, a site in its infancy - green shoots just about showing.Sorry if this is a bit of a plug but thought it would be excused by way of an introduction!Kind regardsMartin
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    Hey Martin

    I added the Tadpole bit with tongue firmly in cheek - over it now:)

    Of course you can add links to your sites (don't forget to embed the URL).
    As far as cross links are concerned - add the URL's to your profile and all I can say is stay active and other members will click through to you.

    All the best

  • Hi Martin
    I'm looking forward to reading about the progress with collecting your mother's paintings floral pictures and editing of her memoirs. What an incredible story you have.
    Best wishes
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    100 Happy Years for the botanist Barbara Everard.

    As Carol says, what an incredible story.

    I think Carol's already suggested to you that you blog here about your story - it would be a great way to share your Mother's story.


  • Apart from launching the gallery, for which I continue to look for partners to move it into the thrid dimension, I have just finished transcribing Chapter 18 of her memoirs - two more to go and then the research to find all the illustrations. The word count is in excess of 90,000 words so far. The next decision will be whether to print it or distribute by eBook or both.
    I now have a very enthusiastic PR company alongside to help manage the publicity/marketing aspects and hopefully that will move us up a gear. One of her plans is to hold a physical exhibition of some 200 paintings, drawings, sketches and other works in March next year to coincide with the book launch.
    In the meantime, if any LJ members want a preview of the quality of this remarkable 20th century artist, just logon to www.barbara-everard.com. Not forgetting the Barbara Everard Trust for Orchid Conservation, which is in need of some support!

    Best wishes to all.
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    Hi Martin

    Your (Mother's) story is unique and I feel it something of interest to anyone who's worked, or is working, in horticulture (including garden design and landscaping).

    I've passed this story to a friend of mine (she's and RHS plant illustrator/artist) and I hope we can bring the story to the wider horticulture audience.
  • Philip,

    Are you a member of the World Business Fair? I could invite you to join and you might get some mileage from it. Let me know.

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