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DEFRA warns of Citrus Longhorn Beetle in the UK

Gardeners are being warned about an invasion of the Citrus Longhorn Beetle (Anoplophora chinensis) in UK that has been imported from China, via Holland in a batch Acer palmatum and distributed via mail order. Whilst the beetle is know to affect the Acer it is able to damage oak, beech, ash, maple, apple, pear, willow, hibiscus, horse chestnut, hornbeam, hazel, birch, mulberry and rose. The larva or pupa can remain undetected for up to three year before emerging - the DEFRA website has more information on the infestation and how to spot symptoms of Citrus Longhorn Beetle infestation or you can download a .pdf document on how to deal with the Citrus Longhorn Beetle.
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