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It literally seems like yesterday that I started the Landscape Juice Network and now we have reached our two hundredth member. I am going to award the accolade to James Gardner and James Rowlinson - if you don't count me as a member then James Gardner comes in at 199 but when I am added James is number two hundred. Similarly, if I am not added then James Rowlinson is two hundred and when I am added he becomes two hundred and one. Anyway, I am sure that neither James will be too excited about it but for me and the site, it nevertheless signifies that some steady progress is being made. The policy to keep all of the content outside of password protection has ensured that anything - apart from private messages between members - is available to the search engines. This concious decision means that the site is working for you twenty four hours a day and unlike the Yellow Pages, all content is fluid and can be adjusted, corrected and improved at any time. I had a chat only yesterday with someone who over heard a person in the bank who was asking for their Yellow Pages direct debit to be cancelled. Apparently, two errors by Yellow Pages during the process, meant the information that went to print was not correct - one of those items was the contact telephone resulting in a whole twelve month period being void. I wrote a blog post this morning on Landscape Juice about the successes of Steve and Tina Jeffries and their Plants to Go business and just one hour later, that blog post was coming top of Google if I searched for landscape plants in Woking. For more information on Blogging your business, I have written a series of articles on Landscape Juice
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