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Provide .pdf help sheets to clients

.pdf help sheets to clients

THERE is a very interesting forum post developing on the site about the correct planting depths for plants. I'm afraid I can't help with that question, but one of the points made a little later on is the idea of handing out a help sheet with plants you sell. These could be printed off your own computer, but another simple option would be to prepare the document as a .pdf, which will open on practically every computer. The Neevia Technology website can convert Microsoft Word documents, and other types of files, into .pdf files that Adobe Acrobat can open, for free. It is a very simple process, just upload your document, choose to wait for the conversion to take place in your browser and and once complete download it. There are no extra words advertising the Neevia website added to your document, it comes out exactly as it went in. Then you can upload it to your website so that people can click on a link and read it within their web browser. Also you have always got access to the file wherever you are. Or attach the .pdf file to an email, safe in the knowledge that people can open it. Related article: Advice on using the network
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