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Announcement - Autumn has arrived

I have been notified of the formal arrival of Autumn... by Fereday as he put the duvet back onto the bed... The following banter ensued....Me: "You'll be fretting over chillblains soon...."Fereday: "Already am...."Me: "And it'll be all worrying about getting piles from sitting on cold stones...."Fereday (absentmindedly because he's preoccupied with plumping the duvet): "hmmmm"Me: Have you got your long sleeve vests and flannel pants on standby??"Fereday: "Hmmmm....." (still fussing with the duvet)Me: "Not long till Christmas then...."Fereday: "I'd like a Fortnum and Mason hamper this year...."Proof positive... as men get older, selective deafness kicks in....Anyway - today our "kill quota" hit two. Fereday acted as his own beater this time... drawing the curtains in the lounge a massive octoped scuttered across the top of the curtains... it was in the pleats!!! Oh gag... and a difficult target... our spiders are tricky little beasts... only this one was MASSSSIVVEEE! Fereday balanced - one foot on each arm - of the wing back chair to clap it between my slippers which he was sporting as "death mittens" on his hands - hot pink bringers of spidery doom!!!! ... of course, the spider fell towards him forcing him to do a panicked dismount made more difficult by trying to avoid the rabbit... he's quite nimble for an old gardener more used to moving with the slow rhythm of the earth rather than doing a Baryshnakov! Spider squashed, rabbit unsquashed, Fereday (probably) with a pulled something or other... the season continues....
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Why this Garden Works

Each article is presented by landscape designer, Tracy Rich, who will examine a single garden and provide design tips based on that garden's layout, materials and planting.

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