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A rolling review of the British Landscape Industry

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that Landscape Juice is the only publication, website or otherwise, that is determined to find a fair deal for all competent and capable businesses in the United Kingdom. It is not uncommon for an editor to just report news as it happens and accept the PR nonsense of the representative who writes it. I like to look behind the flannel and try and paint a true picture of how it really is and what genuinely lies behind the shop door. This is one of the driving forces behind the Landscape Juice Network - a desire to create equality for everyone who strives for a high standard but yet struggles to be recognised because someone else has the final word. By being a member here you have the opportunity, for free, to tell the whole world about what you do and how you intend to achieve it. It might sound pompous but all of you are making history - it is the first time that the two landscaping organisations that serve the United Kingdom have been challenged for their supremacy. My aim is not to bring down the British Association or Landscape Industries or the Association of Professional Landscapers but to inform them that their time as self appointed umpires of the landscape and horticultural trades is going to be challenge by bringing self regulation, honesty and integrity to every level of the trade without putting any form of financial barrier in the way. I have this morning written about how the BALI system of membership is flawed and may be deemed as exclusive - what is the real cost to a one man band who wants the BALI sticker? The APL have criticised me for my 'antagonistic' style of writing yet I have tackled every subject in an objective manner. I understand there are changes afoot within APL so I will keep a beady eye on what develops and report it as I see it and everyone retains the right to reply. I encourage debate and I welcome comments and feedback. You will not get shouted down or ignored if you challenge any view point that is put on the LJN forum. Now is the time for serious questions and for the trades associations to look at themselves long and hard. Membership here is free and every individual or organisation will be accepted at face value. The rules are basic and sincere. You provide what you say you can provide and you adopt a fair and business like approach. It is not me who will determine who is a bad egg but the person or business will do that for themselves.
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