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The UK Lawn Care Network exists to support and help develop a group of professional Independent Lawn Care Companies throughout the UK; these Companies have turned their back on the Franchise option, in favour of control and flexibility over what services and products they offer to whom, and when according to what is best for the Customer and their individual circumstances at the time. We have a strong and growing membership of independent companies who provide a high standard of lawn care to home owners throughout the country. We share our individual knowledge, experience and expertise to continue to compete in tough market conditions and meet annually to discuss industry activity and marketing tactics. Join Us - It doesn't matter whether you are an established and successful business, or just starting out, as long as you have decided to go independent rather than belong to a franchise, you are welcome to join us.


Generate Leads The principle and original goal of the Network is to generate new leads for Independent companies, new business from the internet; this remains a core goal. Support The UK Lawn Care Network supports independently run lawn care specialists who make enormous contributions to lawn care excellence and innovation in the UK. We supply our members with vital information, practical advice and great ideas to help them grow and prosper. And we provide a friendly community in which independent lawn care providers can share knowledge and experiences. The UK Lawn Care Network helps lawn carers to develop their business and become part of a real community — somewhere they can find advice, ideas and information. We give independent companies the support they need to keep their businesses growing. Online presence This website introduces you to the aims and activities of the UK Lawn Care Network and our members. Some of the material here is available only to members, giving them our very latest news and resources. Membership is increasing rapidly and the re-launch of this website is extending the reach and exposure of all its members. We represent lawn carers of all shapes and sizes of SME's. We cater for companies that are taking the first steps into the lawn care market to those that have been around from the very beginning of the UK lawn care industry. A Collective Voice The need for the UK Lawn Care Network has never been greater. With the financial climate, greater restrictions on the products that are available and independent lawn carers facing ever stiffer competition from franchise operations, they must be imaginative and agile to grow and prosper. The UK Lawn Care Network helps them by supplying a forum to exchange ideas and resources. Smaller companies also need a loud collective voice and the strength to make an impact in the national market place. One of the most impressive things about the independent lawn care community is its willingness to share its expertise, and new joiners can get access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, from both their fellow members and the UK Lawn Care Network’s own team. We have to turn away franchisees that are looking for the level of support and community that the Network offers. Join a group of Independent Lawn Care Companies and become part of the only UK body of its kind; the collective voice of lawn care in the UK. Whether you are a start up business, or established and successful, we all benefit from spending time with, and sharing ideas with like minded professionals.

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