Why use the Landscape Juice Network?

develop YOUR ONLINE profile
Get your Professionally branded profile page with fully customizable HTML profile box, logo, RSS feed widget. You can set your page to public or private mode and once you've started you'll have access to the Landscape Juice Network 's features. Once upgraded to PRO Practitioner your business info will be indexed by the search engines within hours. One more way to be found!
connect with other professional landscapers, gardeners & designers
Connect with like-minded professional landscapers, gardeners and designers.
demonstrate expertisE with blogs & videos
Don't just make do with sending boring old newsletters to clients. Writing blog posts and creating video content is a much more engaging way to attract new business. Aside from being more interesting, blogs and videos can vastly improve your search engine presence. Blog posts on Landscape Juice Network are immediately submitted to Google and shared on other social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon, meaning your content gets a far wider audience than it might otherwise reach.
promote events
Hosting a seminar or conference? Got a charity dinner or gala to promote? Or are you simply hosting an informal networking event? You can post all sorts of events on Landscape Juice Network and invite your contacts or friends on the site to attend.
GET SOCIAL & easily share your content
Landscape Juice Network is hooked up to every major social platform you can think of, so broadcasting your news and content across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and the like couldn't be easier.
define how potential clients find you in search engines
Google Likes Landscape Juice Network . Using SEO friendly blog titles, profile page headings and tags on all content can help shape how potential clients find you on the major search engines. Want to be found on Google by people looking for "whatever phrase you want" ? Making sure you use this key phrase in content and tagging all your content appropriately will help you achieve this aim.
find answers to your burning questions
Often the answer you are looking for is simple but not always obvious. By posting your question to the LJN professional network you can be sure someone will have an answer very quickly, often in seconds.

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