If you are a user of/interested in using Google SketchUp or AutoCAD etc. for garden design work this is the place to show off your work, discuss drafting techniques, share news and ask questions about these fantastic pieces of computer software.
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Holographic Architectural Imaging by Zebra from Core77 on Vimeo.

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    Same company asking for sketchup work but now worth
    10 to 15 dollars per hour on elance.
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    Seems that sketchup and autocad work is worth about £8/hour in the UK on peopleperhour freelance site.
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    Anybody had a problem with dropgc plugin in SU2013? Group selected, highlighted and over made up terrain but item(s) wont drop!
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    Seems that saving as .png is not the right thing to do. Have uploaded them again as jpegs and (apart from being much smaller files) they look ok. They were also ok as pdfs. Can you remove black background photos please? I can't seem to.

  • PRO Member

    Is the background transparent Mike...hence why they appear correct when uploaded to the latest projects?

  • PRO Member

    Seems to be saving as a .png problem. Saving as .jpg ok. Will try again.

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    Even more confused now. Pictures in 'Latest member projects' show the problem I have with the sketchup proposal drawings that I have just uploaded - the background is black. In the forum and in my pictures they are as expected with white background. Any ideas please??

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    Now I am confused. After checking the link it looks fine. May be at this end there is a hardware/software problem.

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    Just getting to grips with SU 2013 pro after 2 years with SU 8. Having a few hiccups, wonder if any one can help; from Layout I can export as a pdf (with minor little niggles that I am sure will be ironed out with use) but if I try to export as an image then the SU entity and pictures are as they should but the background (paper) is dark - which leaves notes illegible. I am attaching a file to show problem.0608Goudie%20A3%20with%20title%20block%20with%20eng%20style_1.png Thanks

  • I've just done a trail video using SketchUp to create the model, followed by rendering software and then movie making software (rather than just capturing SU scene animation). It's my first attempt and I can already see that I need to work on smoothing out the camera movement, but I'd appreciate any other suggestions too please. Thanks.

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