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    2 Stihl KM90's 2 Hedge Trimmers 1 Strimmer 1 pole saw, 020t 200t and br 430 backpack. Never had any issues with them (apart from strimmer heads being pains in the arse to load but that isn't a stihl thing) Soon to be getting my hands on a fs 460 for clearing saw and shredding applications.

  • Stihl combi unit with long pole hedge trimmer, blower, lawn edger, pole pruner, strimmer plus Stihl vac/blower, chain saw, power washer, I love 'em. Had most of them three years now, no servicing and no problems. Mowers are Hayter, Allen & a MTD.

  • I have all stihl machines, x2 longpole hedge timers, fs90 combi unit with chainsaw, hedge trimmer, strimmer. blower, chainsaw, x2 fs90 strimmers, x1 mb755ks mower, x1 mb655, all good machines and would'nt buy anything thing else.

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    and t-200 !

    & ts410

    br600, ms280cbqi,  fr130t back-pack , km130r combi, hs45, HS81R-30

  • All our hand held machines are Stihl. Will be a useful forum to follow experiences and advice.

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    Do you have any Stihl or Viking related stories?


    Good or bad experiences, it doesn't matter, if anything you know or have encountered may help another user/member then please add it here.

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    We sell a lot of Stihl equipment and starting issues on new machines are nearly always down to over choking on start up.  Most Stihl models will not start on choke.  Correct procedure from cold is 1-3 pulls on full choke and listen for the engine to kick.  As soon as you hear this put up to half choke and machine will then usually start and run or run a few seconds and stop.  Another pull on half choke is then usually enough to get it going.  Part of the reason we have to sell face to face with Stihl products (not via internet) is to run through this and other procedures but we still get quite a few machines that are accidentally flooded.  To get a flooded machine started hold on full throttle and pull over repeatedly and it usually goes after 5-10 pulls.  As to the quality issues we are obviously biased but I have to say that of all the major brands we deal with Stihl gives us least warranty issues and it genuinely lives up to its reputation. 

  • a couple of weeks ago i bought a stihl ms170 the first time i started it it took 30 or 40 pulls to start but was great when started, second time it started a bit easier now i cant get the damn thing started at all. ive checked all the obvious and ive been to the garage and used fresh petrol and genuine stihl 2stroke oil, ive contacted the dealer i purchased it off and am waiting for their response....
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    Cant fault the Stihl equipment we use as it hardly lets us down. Some equipment is in its 5th year now and still running good as new. If you look after them and keep up services they will give many years good service.
  • I use Stihl for all two stroke tools.  Replaces my strimmer last season.  Very pleased with it but they've over complicated the filler cap.  I find it difficult to open and close, leaks a lot and it finally broke.
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