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  • Has anyone had any incidents this season yet, or any interesting H&S issues crop up with clients?

    I have been fine thankfully, although a lot of environmental discussions do make me nervous. What would we do if use of economical pesticides becomes banned as it is in many US states?

    I have been looking at new strimmers as vibe levels are not good enough at the minute. If anyone can recommend small loop handle strimmers (used for edging long sections of amenity grass) I would appreciate it.

  • I have just submitted my documents and questions to Safe Contractor for review. The process does make you focus on something that we should all have in place for our business anyway so I feel I am already getting something back from it. I know things like equipment servicing records and PPE assessments should be simple but organising all the bits of scattered information is not likely to occur unless pushed.

    I look forward to hearing back to see what they have to say.

  • I have just added a new blog post introducing my first steps towards accreditation to Safe Contractor

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