sign up here if you're interested in sharing any aspect of work specific to the area, such as information on suppliers and local marketing opportunities.  Or perhaps pooling machinery, organising a group purchase discount.  And of course meet up.

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  • Hi All.
    Howdy do?
    I'm needing a self sufficient landscaper for the rest of the summer hols and perhaps beyond. My chap is away for 3 weeks and lacks the speed I need. Any leads would be much appreciated.
    All the best
    Chris, Garden Doctor
  • Meet up this Thurs 24th in Bristol is postponed as we're all too busy or something indisposed or disinterested. Perhaps we'll try again in July.
  • Hi Chris thanks for the invite last year ! Been busy with work n stuff hadn't got round to looking at LJ
    Would be up for a meet up with Bristol group at some point keep me posted hope all is good with you best claire
  • Hello chaps. I would be up for meeting up sometime over a few beers/food. Maybe we could get a 'Doodle' on the go to arrange a suitable date and time?

  • Sure I'm up for a meet up. We'll all be busier in the Spring but maybe this time there will be appetite to get together. I had little response either side of Christmas.
  • Hi everyone. Hope you are all well? We finally have some better weather to get some work done.

    Is anyone up for a meet up this spring?

  • Hi, I've only ever used Sika's Pavefix product. Seemed to do the job nicely but doesn't go very far when used with natural stone products. That said, it saves a day's labour so it's a toss up between profit v time. I've also seen a Marshall's product which I found here:

  • I'm waiting too, got a big patio to re point. Might look at the stuff you can use in the rain

  • Aargh. The weather is really messing with me at the moment. My new wall look like I am trying to reproduce Gaudi architecture! It's got to stop raining soon.

  • Hi Ed, I haven't used brush in jointing but heard its good if you willing to pay for the higher quality stuff. Saves lots of time. I have some daffs trying to come out on one of my warmer coastal sites.

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