sign up here if you're interested in sharing any aspect of work specific to the area, such as information on suppliers and local marketing opportunities.  Or perhaps pooling machinery, organising a group purchase discount.  And of course meet up.

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  • Meet up this Thurs 24th in Bristol is postponed as we're all too busy or something indisposed or disinterested. Perhaps we'll try again in July.
  • Hi Chris thanks for the invite last year ! Been busy with work n stuff hadn't got round to looking at LJ
    Would be up for a meet up with Bristol group at some point keep me posted hope all is good with you best claire
  • Hello chaps. I would be up for meeting up sometime over a few beers/food. Maybe we could get a 'Doodle' on the go to arrange a suitable date and time?

  • Sure I'm up for a meet up. We'll all be busier in the Spring but maybe this time there will be appetite to get together. I had little response either side of Christmas.
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    Hi everyone. Hope you are all well? We finally have some better weather to get some work done.

    Is anyone up for a meet up this spring?

  • Hi, I've only ever used Sika's Pavefix product. Seemed to do the job nicely but doesn't go very far when used with natural stone products. That said, it saves a day's labour so it's a toss up between profit v time. I've also seen a Marshall's product which I found here:

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    I'm waiting too, got a big patio to re point. Might look at the stuff you can use in the rain

  • Aargh. The weather is really messing with me at the moment. My new wall look like I am trying to reproduce Gaudi architecture! It's got to stop raining soon.

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    Hi Ed, I haven't used brush in jointing but heard its good if you willing to pay for the higher quality stuff. Saves lots of time. I have some daffs trying to come out on one of my warmer coastal sites.

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    Hi Ben picking up odds and ends of masonry type work but no fun trying to complete anything with rain almost every day. Did a patio before Christmas and the jointing in was refusing to set in the cool damp conditions. Almost convinced me to start using the brush in stuff, but not quite.
    We recon the snow drops on the bank over the road are about 3-4 weeks in front right now.

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