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    Thanks Kieran,someone else mentioned a Stiga at Browns as well but I didn't know they had a roller/mulcher in one. I will take a look.

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    Hi Catherine

    Why not go in browns and see what they have, they do a decent stiga mower that has a roller and can have a mulch plug put in to convert it to a mulcher I think. If not Stiga do a great dedicated mulcher and there are quite a few light weight mowers in there atm.

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    Hi, can anyone suggest a pedestrian, lightweight, mulch mower? Also a lightweight roller mower (an Allet Classic 14L has been suggested). Thanks

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    Hi everyone, can anyone recommend a good drop spreader that doesn't cost the earth?

  • Think you might struggle to find a mix.

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    I'm looking for a seed without Rye if possible. The area only gets cut once a week.

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    Morning all. Can anyone recomend a good seed to overseed a domestic coastal lawn after a heavy scarification in the spring.

    Many thanks

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    I thought all dads wrote messages on the lawn with weedkiller at night

    Read more:

  • Cheers Robbie, will give it a go and the hot water trick sounds a good idea.

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