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Yellow Pages have recently been trying to sell me an advertising package. I actually never go to Yellow Pages, I just go straight to Google and search from there for a particular service or product. I know that Yellow Pages has changed a lot over the last few years, I used to advertise with them about eight years ago.My question is do you find Yellow Pages effective or is it a waste of money? I actually run a Google Adwords campaign and I am comparing the cost and it seems quite high!I am sure that this subject has probably been talked about before on LJN. Any thoughts appreciated, thank you for reading.

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    Just have a free listing, and get your current customers to review you on Job done.

  • I havent seen a yellow pages in a long time. Free listing on yell is good. Top 3 ways i get new work is
    1. Google everyone googles these days get high on there list. As for paying to bump you up the list. I normally skip past paid ads and go to first free 1.
    2. Word off mouth. Do a good job at a fair price and word will get around takes longer but gives a great foundation to grow biz
    3. Sign writing. Linked to word off mouth in that people see you workin and like the job you hav done and can take down your details. As well as getting stuck in traffic people can take down your number.
    I dont advertise in local papers anymore and i think that leaflet drops dont work. If i get leaflet its in the bin straight away with other junk mail.
  • I have a sponsored listing with yell (pos 2) for last 4 years at a cost of £125pa.

    In reality it has bought very little business in but the successful leads have been of a high quality and generally in my experience people who search on yell aren't looking for the cheapest job.

    In terms of Google, yell features near the top of the organic listing so most traffic probably comes from there rather than people actually searching out yell.

    The other positive point is that we have a good collection of reviews on there which may come across more trustworthy than testimonials on your own site or other review sites. If you are going to use it then it is important to encourage customer to leave you feedback which will make you stand out from everyone else.
  • I just use the free listing. Most customers come via my own website. 

    I do not pay for any advertising and turn away work. The only advert is my website and sign written van.

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    Don't bother with Yellow Pages their PPC campaign is pants. I tried it absolute rubbish I had more hits from m own campaign than theirs. I also had to ask several times for the list of keywords they where using. Overall very poor service. The actual yellow page book itself is so thin now you can slide it under a door.

    • True. Lots of money for nothing. Yes book is getting thinner. Have not had one through the door for about 5 years now?

      Then there is that other one, the blue directory. Cant even remember the name. They got so thin that they started consolidating areas. Which was a joke because we have the Thames river splitting us up and there is no point advertising for the other side of the river. Have not seen a copy of that one in years.

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  • Hi,

    I know a lot ofor people have had bad experience with Yell. But ours has been ok. If you can put up with the poor organisation and communication you can make it work for you. We have a heavy prominence ad in Wolverhampton for landscaping. It has been running since about June and we have had around 180 phone calls through Yell the first job we had from yell was worth just over £3000. We get enquiries from customers who are prepared to pay the price for a job well done. They also host our website which has been live for a week and is now onto the second page of Google. We have just had our first enquiry through our website.

    I cant say how it will work for you in your area but I will say it has worked for us in ours. There are that many unprofessional people in our trades a day the way you present yourself will have a major factor on the type of customer you will get.

    The other main point of having a good advert on yell is the fact that it is linked back to your website so driving traffic that way and helping Google rankings.

    Either way let us know how you get on. I think it is well worth researching who is doing what on yell. And trying to find how you can get in to it. once you start receiving reviews on there more and more phone calls will come. We have 5* feedback from 12 different clients. There is nobody on there who comes close to our profile on there and we appear 4th in the listings tge majority of the time. Reviews and presence online have a major factor in today's business.

    Hope this helps!

    • Its interesting to hear of your positive experience with yell.

      That is how Yell explained it to me as well if I were to purchase one of their packages. They have tools on the backend of their website which will always promote the paid yell listing/advert over the free listings. Depending on how deep your pocket is you can buy certain key words and you will always be at the top for those words.

      Its great for a business which wants to grow and needs to bring in the business.

      The only bugbear I have is that they dont seem to check which businesses are still running and which have shut down. There are businesses listed which have folded in the last couple of years but still show up on searches (was looking for a fencing company for a customer). This must be pretty annoying for the end user, which is the user base and our potential customer. 

      I always ask customers how they found me and hardly ever features.

      I also find their stats confusing. According to them I got around 40 calls last month directly from their website, but that's not true, as I did not get that many calls from new potential customers.

      • It might just be certain areas that are worth advertising with them. You can narrow it down to smaller towns but we just had one to cover the whole of Wolverhampton.

        The advert hasn't came without its issues because they seem to have a it of a pass the book attitude but I just keep going at them. We had our website designed for free in the end with a months free seo and we have just been given 3 months free advertising for another mistake on there part.

        It has worked well for us as we are looking to grow.

        I find most people who come from Yell actually say that's where they found us and the majority mention our reviews in the first conversation we have. If they don't say where they found us I always ask. Bit the majority of ours have come through Yell.

        I can imagine if they don't keep other companies up to date it can be frustrating for people but with the ad we get they dont get to those people before they have seen our ad.

        For me more than advertising come image and professionalism as it is something that seriously lacks in our trade. That makes usense stand out from other I believe.
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