Work trousers

Hi all I'm looking for recommendations for work trousers , they must be fairly light but durable , not get to hot and not after big pockets like the dewalt and Scruff trousers I just find the pockets get full of hedge clippings ! Thanks for helping

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  • ..... What's wrong with a pair of jeans?................  looks like they meet all your requirements.

    • Apart from the keeping cool bit ....
  • I have 2 pairs of dickies, with pockets for knee pads and both pairs are still going 1 year later, have brought mascots at £40 ish and lasted 6 months, try charity shops.
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    It's all about style :0)
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    I purchased a pair of lightweight combat trousers from George at Asda , not specifically sold as work trousers but they are comfortable , hard wearing and not too baggy .

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    I have tried loads of different trousers and i found the Army surplus are the best for hardwearing, lightweight and plenty of pockets

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    Englerbert strauss  es motion.

  • I use craghopper kiwi trousers. Light, durable roomy and can get them for £25 on line. A pair lasts me just under a season
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      +1 -Cragghoppers. Lots of positives,comfortable, lightweight including ability to dry out V quick, otherwise Strauss trousers.

      Denim too hot when warm, heavy and slow to dry out when wet.

  • army style combat trousers plenty of pockets with flaps and buttons I find them at a market usually £10 to £15 last quite well and not that bothered if they get ripped as they are cheep to replace    

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