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Hi all its time for new boots again:(My current timberland pro are really comfortable and supportive etc but don't last more than 9 months! The last pair were about £85 and I thought it was worth it. But they have jumped up to £135 since last time so I'm looking for other options.I'm after something that has some kind of anti fatigue sole/insole.So what do you people use? I don't mind paying decent money and will get another pair of the timberland ones if i can't get anything betterThanks in advance Richard

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  • DeWalt Challengers for the past 5 years. Extremely comfortable & totally weatherproof.  The secret is to set up an ebay search for your size.  I paid £40 for my last pair - they are usually twice that.

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    Mine are engelbert Strauss, Elten I think they're called? Wind proof, rain proof the works. Lightest boot on the website I believe and unbelievably comfortable. I'd be hard persuaded to try anything else!
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    I use Dewalt Challenger 2 boots. Whilst I am not full time in the trade, they are comfy, waterproof and robust. Would be very interested to see further replies as I am sure most would like to get a decent boot without a high price tag! 

  • I bought some brown Haix boots from an army surplus store in Dorset...
    They are the Badgers nadgers!!!
    Big, strong, waterproof, study seams and Brown!!
    All for £30! Bargain-tastic.
    Never even heard of Haix before...
    If I was buying new, Engelbert Strauss would be the place I'd be lookin.
  • I would only buy meindl chainsaw boots. Before I started tree work used to just wear the standard dewalt or dickies boots gardening and when I got home the relief when I took them off was to die for. With meindl I get home walk the dog potter about. Comfy waterproof and make ur ankles feel impossible to turn.
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    My last couple of pairs have been the Buckler Buckshot boots. They are very comfy, supportive and waterproof. They don't last as long as others but I like them. On the other foot (or boot) I just bought some Hyena waterproof rigger boots to replace my leaky steel toed wellies, so far not very impressed. Very stiff and they rub. To be fair they need a little more wearing in so I really hope they get better!

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      I too have recently bought the waterproof Hyena Riggers. They were initially very rigid and a tad uncomfortable but after a weeks wear I now find they are fine. I bought them to give the De Walt Challenger 2 boots a break from trudging through long wet grass and leaves as I'm pretty damn pleased with the Challengers and don't want to take liberties with them! I have to add, I've binned my walking boots now (£100+ and still leak), and take the workboots out when I'm hiking the Peaks, they really are that comfortable.

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        They are much better after some more wearing in, now pretty comfortable. They are a bit stiff in the morning if not brought in at night
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      I got some Buckler B750's waterproof, breathable, again very comfy. I can wear them all day no problem...

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    Thanks for all the replies people:)
    Too much to choose from now though!
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