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      I'm with you Robbie. Podcasts and audiobooks kept me going  when I was gardening and mowing alone - it was a nightly routine to plug in my ipod (remember those !) and update overnight........but working in public spaces were a different matter...


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    There has to be two takes on this - in a domestic garden setting, I see fewer problems with earphones and music, but in a commercial setting it's dangerous and as a rule I try to prohibit it.

    Interestingly there was one aspect that I had overlooked - when working as Teams, one guy passed comments that it made working in a Team a more lonely experience and he got fed up of having to repeat everything multiple times....

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    Absolute 80s streamed from my phone is my choice. I work alone and apart from customer niceaties converse with noone so the radio is almost as important as my mowers to me
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    I think we should be mindful of the personal health implications of such devices.When using any device of this nature,whether it be a cell phone,ipod or blue tooth device, we're basically subjecting ourselves to electro magnetic pollution ie radiation. A cell phone on your body is radiating your vital internal organs,a blue tooth headset will pulse EMF's directly into your skull with varying intensity depending on the class of that particular device so worth doing some research before buying.


  • what's the point of ear defenders if you are going to blast music from them into your ears ?

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      The point is you don't need to blast music. You can have the music set quite low and hear it well because you are not competing with machinery noise
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        exactly right. Used my wireless dongle today and worked really well with my ear defenders with volume as a bit of background music. Can still hear whats going on around me.

  • My wife gave me a pair of Sony  Wireless headphone for Christmas, At first I was not impressed, then started using them at work, now I haven't taken them off, have them on now, just hope I am not frying my brain! Find them most useful on the digger and the  BCS.BEWARE however they are great 80% of the time, however last week I over filled the digger, because I couldn't hear the glugging, spilt about 5 pints over clients garden, bit costly and time consuming clearing it up. If you fill fuel in machinery you will be surprised how much you use hearing for this, and yes I did go to spec savers but that's another story.

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      Years ago i found music was essential when cutting grass especially when working alone for long periods otherwise i would end up talking to myself . 

      I love music but prefer to listen to it at home or in the van now . 

      i don't wear ear defenders ever , they make me feel as i have lost touch with civilisation and when using a brush cutter in undergrowth if you hit a hornets or wasps nest you need to be on your toes , you will hear them before you see them . 

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        Interesting that you never wear defenders now .... Do you wear anything in your ears?? .... Have you had any issues with your hearing??.

        nb : i hit a wasps nest couple years ago .... i wasnt a fan before and the experience has resulted in a phobia :-( 

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