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    We use winter tyres on our Transits and they make loads of difference!

    I purchased old wheels at about £20ea and dry store them with the tyres on in our container. The grip they give on icy roads is impressive!

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      Any particular brand Nick?

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        I can't remember off the top of my head I'm afraid - I'll try and have a look when I'm at the yard tomorrow!

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      Would you need to stress test the wheels? Or do you just swap the tyres over?

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    i had winter tyres on my old van, worked well.

  • I have Conti Vanco4seasons on the front as they needed new tyres. Just need to get the rears done. Fantastic in the mud. Much better than my last tyres!
  • I think I read some ware that it had to be below 7 degrees for them to work properly above that they wear out quickly

  • ive put some tinsel on the ariel for Christmas but I don't suppose that counts ...........

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    I turn the heating on.
This reply was deleted.

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