Winter weeds

Happy New Year to you all

Got a car park paved with setts that is rapidly turning green due to weeds, seedlings an the like. Would normally use a herbicide, but that seems to make no sense at this time of year so thinking of pressure washing. Or am I wrong? Suggestions?


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    Many thanks all. Very helpful advice as always

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    Hi Andy, as Gary has said, the temperature is critical for weed control and it's just too cold to apply any on weeds that are growing on hard surfaces. The majority would be washed off which is bad and you would only have to reapply again in warmer temps. Once it does warm up you could use a glyphosate or use the NOMIX system with NOMIX dual which is both total weed killer AND residual and the only one licensed for hard surfaces. Better to manually/ machine removal now then apply herbicide in spring when the seedlings will show their heads.
    For moss you manually remove then follow up in autumn with moss specific product like Algoclear.
    Best of luck...the weed ripper looks fun !
  • I only do a couple of commercial contracts that involve block paved car parks  but they have outside gritting contractors and due to the salt do not get winter weeds nor many in summer

    the problem I have is the over spread onto the lawns and staff short cutting across them

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    My answer was prefaced by the OP's comment that the weeds are if they are growing and you can meet the rainfast timings (add sticker), why whould they not be susceptible, albeit at a slower rate? Sure appreciate general temp / rain advice etc.

    The view I've been given by weed control product suppliers is if it's growing, the weed control will work, just slower than normally. So interested in the different views here.

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      Hence my comments that weeds stop 'growing' at around 4c and may look alive but are in fact in stasis.

      As temp have dropped (surface temps are down around 0c-2c if not lower at the moment ) and will continue to drop, any success with spraying is typically wasted as it can not be absorbed and/or translocated thru the plant to the roots (depending on product used).

      So, if an immediate and effective solution is needed it has to be mechanical as per previous comments.

      If steam treatment becomes a cost effective reality, then that's a game changer for commercial contractors.

      I'd forgot that CDA allows greater latitude in spraying hard surfaces (should know as we have a NoMix from PG!) - Doh !

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        "If steam treatment becomes a cost effective reality". I quiver at the prospect. Tell me more. Steam treating weeds on hard surfaces sounds both cheap and effective.

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    Hi all. Thanks for all you comments. I am aware that herbicide sellers will tell you that herbicides will work if the winter weather is mild and weeds are growing, but they will be slower. But if you are talking a month or more, that will not help the client.And winter weather is always unpredictable. Relying on weeds translocating herbicides at this time of year seems to me to be a waste of time and client money. I'm up for Gary RK's old scrubber. No offence.

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      Herbicide sellers aren't saying that, just an FYI. See 'ProGreen Weed Control''s comment above.

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