Interested on views about this situation:

Interviewed a guy yesterday for a team lead position. Looks a good fit for us, but we got into talking about qualifications. Important for us he’s PA6 qualified but doesn’t have access to the Certificate.

Further discussion uncovered his employer ‘keeps’ everyone’s certification on the premise they paid for his time and training.

Of course, if he can remember the details we could apply for a duplicate but it suggests his employer is trying to protect their training investment by this action.

It’s been my view that employee really owns the qualification/certification and obviously the experience which moves across jobs.

As an employer I can see the points of view but believe there are better ways to promote loyalty and protect employer training investment.

So, any views ?

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    I have experienced paying for employee training only for them to leave soon after.

    An employer can approach it from two different angles. Either hold back some wages in lieu of training fees and pay it back gradually over a set time  OR, reward the employee with a bonus for every 6 mths or year they stick with the employer. But the employee will always technically & legally own the qualification.

  • Having worked in a factory for 20 plus years and been through lots of training (first Aid etc etc) when I left to start my own business I asked for all my certificates but was told by my manager I was not allowed them. I contacted HR and they told me that although the company had paid for the courses the qualifications were mine as were the certificates. Need less to say i came out with all my certificates.

  • I have never employed so not involved at the sharp end but would think the employer has every right to protect his or her investment and feel it is the prudent thing to do to retain cents.
    However I think I would have had an understanding that if he or she remained an employe for X years then the carts would be handed over.
    If the employment ceased before that period but within a defined time fram then if the employe paid the cost incurred by the employer for the training then the certificates would be handed over.
    I would find that perfectly reasonable if I was in employment.
  • Every training course I've ever been on have stressed to us that the qualification and certificate is ours not the companies. In fact several have even taken our addresses, sent the certificate directly to us and told us to only take a copy into work for their records. As you say if the company won't hand them over it would be possible to get duplicates.

  • Excuse my ignorance but what even is a PA6 qualification?
  • Its a knapsack spraying qualification.

    • Thanks Dave :)
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        The employer cannot own the employee's certificates surely this would cause all kinds of legal complications .  I am sure Defra could set the record straight on that one , The person doing the spraying or wielding the chainsaw has to hold the license , the employer could be unqualified and just bank rolling the training .

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    The correct course of action is that when an employee is hired the contract of employment stipulates that should the employee leave the company within a certain period after completing a training course paid for by the company, the employee has to reimburse the company for the cost of the training course.

  • The certificates and qualifications belong to the employee in my experience, but companies do and should take actions to recover these costs.  How practical that is is another thing.   I have worked for companies that spend a fortune on spraying and chainsaw training only for the employee to leave.  However the company is often at fault because the employee is usually leaving because someone has offered an extra pound an hour!

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