Which paving grout ?

Hi all, ive just begun of laying an 11m squared patio of sandstone pavers and want to use a slurry grout. All the joints are 4mm; ive been looking at the GftK vdw 815 as it has good reviews, is suitable for the thinner joints and can be jetwashed. However I want to do half the patio at a time and dont want to faff about measuring half of the product and hardener.

Are there any other recommended paving slurry/grouts for thinner joints that can be jetwashed and cheaper than the Gftk vdw 815 ?


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  • Hi,just to update, I went to London Stone to purchase some Gftk vdw 815; however the guy at the store said there had been a few complaints due to staining and that I should seal the patio before application. This throw me a bit as ive read alot of reviews and looked at youtube vids ect and no mention. Anyway, the guy said I would be better off using Larsens GPM (gun - point - mortar). I ended up getting nothing as I wanted to do more research.

    So, firstly has anyone had any staining issues with the Gtfk ?

    Secondly,  whats the benefit of using a gun pointed mortar (such as Larsens GPM), against the brush in slurry (such as Larsens FJM). 

    Thirdly, Is the Larsens good stuff ? 

    Thanks, its real helpfull to ask you guys who have plenty of experience with this stuff !

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      We use Larsens GPM a lot as it gives a tradional style ironed joint.
      If you are pointing a large area over a period of time then it gives you a consistancy of colour and it is designed to be used in a high street situation so we know that it is goining to last.
      The only downside that we have found is that where there is a moist substrate then you are likely to get a lot of efflorescence in the early life of the paving.

      We had this on a site where the garden sloped down towards the house - all the paving on the high side of the garden looked great but the terrace around the house looked like we had used a different product due to the efflorescence. This was a couple of years ago now and we had a disagreement with the client that became legal so we have not been back to see it since.

      You can also split the bag down by weight to use in smaller quantities if you need, keep any surplus in air tight containers though as it is a cement based product and will go off if not kept completely dry.

  • Thanks for that info, I really dont know what to use now. As each paver is individualy cemented in place, onto a concrete bed, there is going to be pockets of sitting water here and there. I looked at the Easyjoint slurry vid, but it says it must be free draining and without any sitting water; anyone had problems with this before using Easyjoint or Weathersheild 365 ?

    Thanks guys

    • How did you get on with this in the end Roger?  I would be happy to arrange a demo for you with GFTK


  • If you can wait until September we will have some very Somalia products to those sold by GFTK
  • Here's the beginnings of the patio; and have not yet decided what to use. Steve a demo of the GTFK would be grand we will have to arrange it, the sooner the better.

  • PRO

    It would be really good to hear how this turned out. I myself am looking to upgrade from being down on my hands and knees all day pointing the old way!

  • Hi, still have not got it grouted yet, will have to decide what grout to use. Anyone know the min joint width for Easipoint 365 ?  Want to get this done before the frost ruinins it

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