Which paving grout ?

Hi all, ive just begun of laying an 11m squared patio of sandstone pavers and want to use a slurry grout. All the joints are 4mm; ive been looking at the GftK vdw 815 as it has good reviews, is suitable for the thinner joints and can be jetwashed. However I want to do half the patio at a time and dont want to faff about measuring half of the product and hardener.

Are there any other recommended paving slurry/grouts for thinner joints that can be jetwashed and cheaper than the Gftk vdw 815 ?


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    We use Easyjoint - simple and straight forward to use, choice of colours too

  • There seems to be a high degree of confusion on this subject. One of the concerns I have on Easyjoint as in its blurb it says that the product provides no structural support for the joint.
  • Thanks for the responses, I really need something abit stronger than easyjoint I expect, possibly a 2-part mix. Im laying alot of small pavers and need something to bind it all together (note this is at my own house) I dont want to have to deal with moss/green algae in the future; its likely to get jet washed also and im not sure how easyjoint would take a jet washer. The GftK vdw 815 looks ideal but is expensive. Is there any other recommended 2 part products ?

    Thanks for the responses


    • 815 is good. You probably need to use 850 though or a similar PU based product.
      • Problem you'll have with 850 is that it's for 8mm and up joints.
    • Easy joint takes jet washing well. I have a client who has my petrol jet wash on long term hire. The have 100m2 patio pointed with easy joint and it seems fine
  • The 815 is ideal but i want to do a bit at a time and not waste any !

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      Maybe use it then and just mix up small batches and work till its done. Then new mix when you have more time?
      Or does it need mixing together to ensure colour match? Never used it.
      • I might have to do just that, mix up batches. The issue with that is measuring out the resin hardener in proportion to the dust (will have to measure that aswell). This is why im looking for something cheaper and/or of a smaller quanity.

  • Could you not use gun point from London stone?
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