Which Backpack Blower

Good afternoon all, hope everybody is enjoying their weekend.

After years of holding off i'm finally getting my first backpack blower this year and would love to ask everybody's advice.

I'm probably going Husqvarna or Stihl, though the Makita's look nice but I have zero experience with them. I'm actually a Shindaiwa/Echo man myself, but think I prefer the look of the other makes I've mentioned just for this particular item and the Shindaiwa model is more £££ than I want to spend.

Few questions: What do people here us? Do people have a specific recommendation? What are the downsides to the 4 stroke versions, as they claim to be more efficient? 

Budget is £450 max and i'm not interested in battery powered for this item.

Many thanks to all, Jonathan

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  • I bought the cow horn handles for my 600 expensive but well worth it as lessens fatigue.
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    I just cut the curved end off mine. I dont mind a bit of modification.

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      I had to double check what you were talking about there ........ :0)
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    We bought the br700 and it's a beast.... not much use on the shoebox gardens but makes estate work so much easier and is a upgrade from the 600 for sure.
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      Hope it's good I agreed to pay £500 for one!!
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        That's a lot of cash to blow ........ :0)
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          Hate leaf season though so this and billy should make it easier this season!
  • We have a few of the Stihl BR600 wound recommend.

  • Thanks for so many replies. After much research I've actually decided to go down the Echo route after all and go for the PB 770. I can get one for just over budget. I realise it's not quite as powerful as the top Stihl but the thing that really attracts me to it is the noise it creates. It is significantly more quiet than any other backpack blower i've looked into and that really appeals to me. Unless anyone has one on here and would strongly advise against it then that's what i'll get. I'll post in Autumn to report on how it performs. Thanks all again

    • Wow, just looked into it. 74db vs 100 for the stihl br600 which has very similar performance. That's a HUGE difference. I do love echo tools and may have to look at this if the br600 ever dies.
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