Which Backpack Blower

Good afternoon all, hope everybody is enjoying their weekend.

After years of holding off i'm finally getting my first backpack blower this year and would love to ask everybody's advice.

I'm probably going Husqvarna or Stihl, though the Makita's look nice but I have zero experience with them. I'm actually a Shindaiwa/Echo man myself, but think I prefer the look of the other makes I've mentioned just for this particular item and the Shindaiwa model is more £££ than I want to spend.

Few questions: What do people here us? Do people have a specific recommendation? What are the downsides to the 4 stroke versions, as they claim to be more efficient? 

Budget is £450 max and i'm not interested in battery powered for this item.

Many thanks to all, Jonathan

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    Stihl BR600 4 Mix. 

    Bit heavy but it will blow your socks off!

  • Thanks for your reply Scott. If I go the Stihl route i'm thinking the BR450 which should be sufficient for my needs as I don't have many very large gardens so can get away with something a little cheaper. Anyone else have any recommendations? It's been a while since there's been a thread on here about backpack blowers so would be good to get some more feedback if possible.

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    BR430 for me was the sweetspot in price / performance of the backpack range. Gives more than enough performance for leaf clears, plus can be used in scarification waste clear up also. BR450 is a new model, so maybe it's replacement - looks around £30 more, and slightly higher performance so would be a good choice.

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    Go for the BR600 - the price difference is small and you'll find you can always use the extra power, but whatever your budget - buy the best you can afford for this type of tool.

    The weight difference is negligible as you're carrying on your back.

    We've multiple 600's and so far they been reasonably trouble free.

    Just upset the cart, we're tempted by the new BR700 to replace an old BR420.

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      I've just ordered a 700 picking it up next week. I can't compare to the 600 as never used one but I think for the bit extra it's worth getting the most powerful one! Time will tell
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    The only negative feedback I've have from my guys is that being more powerful than our old tired BR400,  the BR430 is more tiring to use on the arm for extended periods, as you're resisting the excess power. Nothing to do with extra weight. We find it more than "man" enough for large domestic gardens.

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      I find the same with the 600, hard work when shifting a big pile of leaves. End up using both arms to steady the tube.

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      The first thing I do when I buy a new backpack blower is take the "curved end tube ) off and throw it in the bin, then I order a straight end tube nozzle and replace it with this end , you get zero fatigue with a straight end nozzle, and lose no power...
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