What training and from where please?

Hi there guys, it'll start warming up soon I'm sure. Then no one will be around to answer my ongoing questions ;-)

I think I'm now convinced that a franchise is not for me. I have a fair amount of business and gardening experience. I'll take my P1 and P6 training through the local college. However I'd like to find out what training I can get elsewhere and what might be worthwhile. I've seen a couple of comments on here about businesses in this market also providing training. Can you point me in the right direction please

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    what business are you looking to start?

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    So should I just repeat what's already been said?

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      No need for you to repeat whats been said already Andrew as I have that information already. What I'm hoping for is more information on other training providers other than the two that were mentioned previously and are a really long way from where I'm based. Maybe there is nothing else out there but as my previous question was in a different forum I felt this topic was better suited to this group. Thanks for you comments though

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        Apart from the two local Agri Colleges (Winchester & Guildford) as discussed who provide short duration training (as well as full / part time 2-3yr courses) there are a number of independent training organizations around that provide Lantra/C&G assessed training. This can either be for statutory or skills based training. I'm heavily involved in one of them, so do not use my position to promote them on LJN.

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          Can I mention the training centre I went to Gary? I'm going to try and get back there this year to do a couple more courses as It was super, relaxed and the training was second to none...
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            I have no vested interest in this Centre haha, other than to recommending how great it was for me...
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              Absolutely, go for it - there's no problem with members recommending good training providers...But as I'm involved with one, it would not be correct for me to push them. Just being transparent :)

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    Cool, John Tangye, Littlefield Manor Training, was a super place to train, so relaxed yet professional at the same time, will try to post a link here.

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      John's set up is excellent, great location and lovely Tudor Manor house setting. Some of my guys have been there for multiple courses. They also do/did B&B on site.

      A +1 from me.

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