Evening all, 

I've had a day of relentless bugbears today which led me to wonder what is the most annoying thing you hear on a regular basis? 

I have a few.. 

'Rather you than me' (on a cold or wet day) 

'Lovely day for it' (on a hot day) 

Anything weather related really..

Do you have a rough idea of how much? (5 mins in to the first site visit whilst trying to measure up) 

"I just need some ideas" (ARRRGGHHH) 

the word Slabbing instead of Paving. 

I'm sure I could think of some more.. 

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    Customer " My lawn is not looking too great"

    Me "Have you been watering and mowing on higher setting in this hot dry spell like I advised".

    Customer " On a water meter and we like the grass short" 

    Repeat the above many times for a few of my customers this Summer :) 

  • £60 quid to cut the grass! (it's bloody knee high)"I'll buy a mower and do myself"
    Aye crack on ya fanny is the thought from me
  • A local farmer phoned me and the start of the conversation went "i have a number of properties around the village and i need someone to cut the grass hedges etc" He went on to ask what my hourly rate was.  When i told him, he said thats more than i earn!!!!  Then the tried to haggle  The guy has a 300 acre farm and loads of houses!!!

    However, he tried it on with a friend of mine who runs an outside catering business.  He asked how much would it be to do a load of Coronation chicken, she gave him a price and he asked if it would be cheaper if he provided the chicken!!!!

    Clearly a joker and a tight wad.

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      I guess that's how he got all that stuff by being a tight wad and screwing everyone else down on price! I find the most generous customers are often the poorest with the smallest houses.
      • I think he inherited it which in a way is worse!  Whats interesting is everyone locally knows and has a good laugh about it.

         Your right though about poorer people i guess they put less value on money!

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          Had a strange one , a woman asked me how much to reduce a hedge at the side of her greenhouse , I noticed a party fence between the hedge and greenhouse and enquired if it was her hedge to reduce . No ! she replied but i have lived here for Thirty years and its blocking the light ! 

  • its not so much the comments for me, its the ones who watch over you while you work, offering theri own advice as you go!!!

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