Evening all, 

I've had a day of relentless bugbears today which led me to wonder what is the most annoying thing you hear on a regular basis? 

I have a few.. 

'Rather you than me' (on a cold or wet day) 

'Lovely day for it' (on a hot day) 

Anything weather related really..

Do you have a rough idea of how much? (5 mins in to the first site visit whilst trying to measure up) 

"I just need some ideas" (ARRRGGHHH) 

the word Slabbing instead of Paving. 

I'm sure I could think of some more.. 

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    My favourite is "just before go could you do xxxxxx it'll only tke a minute" usually asked just as I'm putting the keys in the ignition and the xxxx is a huge hedge! Some customers have no concept of time or size!
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    The one question I love to hear is "would you like a cuppa and how do you like your tea?"

    It miffs me when that question isn't asked!
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    I've bought a few plants and want them here even those they are shade lovers and want them in the full sun.... or the ones where the garden is so full and they want even more plants in them....
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      Had the worst one ever last week , A complete stranger rang me at 11 am and left a message insisting i went and did their garden today or tomorrow at the latest . I deleted the message and they rang again at 3 pm with the same message but asking how much will you charge .   I was close to falling over the edge . 

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      I've had that before where the client bought about 60 bedding plants to go all around their garden, didn't tell me about it and expected me to plant all of them in my standard maintenance run, this was for what would be my second ever visit to the site (two small lawns and borders all around, about 25 mins total) and not charge her for it? and when I told her I wouldn't do that as it was a lot of planting to do and anyway as previously discussed extra work is extra time and money and I need to know in advance, she told me not to come back!

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        That is so annoying!

        I've put in one or two for people but never that many on the "can you just"

        Be grateful it could have become a real chore working for that person.

        I'd have done the same as you. But possibly said I'd be delighted to plant them but I've got commitments today I'll come back later in the week when I've got time. It will of course sir/madam be a separate chargeable job. But I suspect I'd have got the same answer as you.

        Some customers seem to think that they are your only customer!!!
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          Yes I was thinking as I drove away that I had dodged a bullet there.

          Well I like you wouldn't have had a problem putting a couple in (she came via a friend of hers and I had put a few begonias in for free that same season) but to basically buy enough plants (too many for the space really) to fill your borders and expect it for free is pushing it too far for me.

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    Had one recently who rang up about an urgent job to which I replied that I couldn't fit them in for at least two months and they say "Ok, book me in but can you tell me how much it will be now over the phone?"

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    This is one from about a month ago.

    Phone rings.. I answer, first words out are "How much do you charge?"

    Me: Depends what you need doing?

    Them: "I want my garden sorting out, how much will it be?"

    Me: What do you mean by sorting out?

    Them: "I want the grass cutting, I been quoted £50, I could buy a lawnmower for that!, It's only 40cm long because I measured it"

    Me: Sorry I can't help you

    • Thats rude!! (of them)

      I can't believe how little people are willing to pay.  They will happily go to the garden center and pay £30-£40 for some plants in pots yet when some one quotes £50 to cut the grass they measure it.  People are really strange!!

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