What's the best wet mower

We have varous mowers including an older hayter 56 wide bag (roller), hayter harrier 41(roller), Toro 21 heavy duty, Husqavana mulcher, Kaas Danarm 19" (roller) and some other rough cut mowers.

I find none of them are great at this time of year with damp grass, especially in the morning with heavy dew.

I've looked in the archives here and Etesia have been mentioned several times for being good in the wet, and others have started to mention the new Weibang roller machines, plus Viking gets a rare nod.

Ideally 20" plus, self propelled, roller is a bonus, or at least a rear skirt. Must have robust body parts and engine.

So what do people find as the best commercial damp mower.

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  • This is a reoccurring theme.  We have yet to find a roller mower that performs well wet and dry - keeping the bags clean helps. I think from memory that Etesia is thought of highly, but usually it is the wheeled version.  I notice that they now have a 'roller kit' which may be worth a look - although if you look at the picture on the website, it appears to stripe the grass the 'wrong way'!! ;-)

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    We use a fleet of Etesia Pro 46's and have an Etesia Pro 53. Wet collection with them is far superior than any other mower we have used.

    The only downside is that they are wheeled rather than have rollers. They are also a significant investment for what they are but the build quality is good and they do last for years which offsets that.

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    I have a Viking MB 650 VR and it collects well in the wet. Although it's not a commercial mower so far it's pretty good in all conditions, and lighter than most.

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      One of the mowers I was looking at for next season is the Viking MB 655 RS, but there really isn't enough info on the reliability atm, I know Paul McNulty has a 655 and has had a few issues with it so jury's out atm..
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    My etesia is the best mower I've had at cutting in the wet.
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    I can recommend AL-KO, I have a 3 year old 4610 model. It's great at collection in the wet but a little slow. It's nice and simple so repairs are easy but it hardly ever breaks down. Come to think of it it hasn't let me down.
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    It's the Viking for me. Used it for four years now, best yet in the wet and not too bad on slight slopes.
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    Another vote for the Viking. Full bag even time, rain or shine.

  • Viking MB655VM roller mower. The more powerful engine makes it a much better machine than than the MB650VM.
    To succeed in collecting wet grass, a lofted blade and a plastic collecting basket is a must.
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    thanks for the comments re etesia and viking. Has anyone used the weibang pro's? My service mechanic is recommending those as being good in the wet?

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