What mower would you recommend for around £500?

Hi all. My 20 year old Honda is cutting her last lawn this weekend and I'm looking at getting a new one, hopefully for a budget of £500 or less. My largest cut takes about two and a half hours, which I would class as a medium sized lawn. It needs to be light (under 40kg) and be able to fold down easily to travel in my car boot (I put the back seats down and use it as a mini van type thing). I've been researching for weeks and don't feel any closer to a decision. That said, I'm a little bit tempted by the Snapper NX90, but can't find any helpful video reviews that aren't in Russian or Polish. Has anyone had experience with one? What do people recommend?

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    Personally I think you will be unimpressed by what you can buy for £500 new these days (compared to the build quality of your old honda) especially if your doing a lot of cutting. I'd go for a second hand Etesia or similar myself, or up my budget by a few hundred, Honda/Weibang, saying that unfortunately the better build quality will mean slightly heavier, just my opinion though, good luck ...
    • Thanks. I've seen Honda engines in new mowers for that price, but my mechanic tells me the newer engines just aren't as good unless you go for something industrial. Even if I wanted to spend a grand, I wouldn't be able to lift 60kg in and out of my car. Plus I live in a boggy area of Ireland. All the lawns have heavy moss and the extra weight makes the mower sink.
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    I have to say I agree 100% with Harry’s comments. The budget, weight and requirements are at odds with each other I am afraid, unless looking at used.
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    You could pick up one of those new atco liners for that kind of money I think.
    Supposed to be ok.
    Just don’t kid yourself that it will last 2years being folded and lifted in and out of a car boot never mind 20!!
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    On another note if you are cutting for 2 and a half hours straight you need a big decent mower really because I would call that a large lawn not medium!!
    • Ha, you're probably right. The place in question is actually 3 lawns. People have lots of land here, so I look at it as a medium.
  • 500 quid will not get you a mower that will last 20 years like your old Honda 

    a lawn the size of a tennis court is classed as a medium lawn what size cut is your Honda and do you require to box, drop ,or mulch. 

    • Yeah, I'm not expecting the same machine for that money. The Honda is small. I'm guessing 18" or less. I tend to box everything as it's not often dry enough to mulch.
  • Have you thought about just renovating your old mower? You  can get a good new Honda engine for about £300 or even a good secondhand one for half that. New wheel bearings,cables, bits and pieces and you're there.

    • I have thought about it, but it's so expensive to repair. It will need a new gearbox and the exhaust pops and vibrates a bit too much. When the clutch cable snapped this year, it cost €50 to replace.
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