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A roller mower that collects well in the wet, we've all read that many times on here!  I certainly have and have been frustrated to distraction when using our Hayter 48's and 56's on wet grass.  Even on a dry day the early morning dew will slow the process considerably. Anyway, our local dealer rang me excitedly the other week (probably because he's fed up of me whinging!), to say that Atco have bought out a new range of machines, aimed at us and they had worked very hard to improve 'wet grass collection' and would I like to meet the rep.  I duly did and he went through the machine's innovative features, I was encouraged but still skeptical!  Anyway to cut a long story short, I bagged a demo (Atco Liner 19S V) last Wednesday and she's been working the last two days in wet, dry, long, medium and short grass.  The verdict from the lads as they got back just now......"bloody brilliant!" The machine leaves a cut like a good cylinder mower and fills the grass bag rammed full wet or dry! 

Just thought I'd share that with you.........long term usage, who knows, but I've ordered one anyway, worth a go I reckon.

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    Does it have a twin cone clutch as well for the drive? The new mountfield rear roller has that so I assume the atco does as well as they're both GGP? Should hopefully also help with the drive issues rollers tend to have.

  • A quote from the brochure "The large diameter steel rear roller is driven by a heavy duty Hi-Torque cone clutch transmission with a torque converter etc....." Is that what you mean Seth?

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      Yes thats the same. Should be a much better system!

  • how fast is it,  I looked at one at a show but did not get a demo of it cutting or running but I did like the look of it I will have to try and find a local dealer

    • Variable speed, top seemed plenty fast enough to us.  Brochure quotes 3 - 4.4kmh.

  • The mower looks to have a fabric type grass collection bag which as we know because of the close weave construction soon becomes blocked and therefor inhibits the entry of the mowed grass.
    If is indeed a close weave construction is there something in the construction design of the bag which allows air to escape for the acceptance of the incoming grass. Or is it a case as with bags constructed out of close weave material the necessity to continually clean/wash the bag to maintain the collection characteristics that has been experienced in the first few days.?
    • Yes to the fabric type bag. Don't know if there is a design feature that allows air to escape, but what I do know is that the deck has been designed to maximise airflow and during wet cutting on Friday it performed well. (I'm not on commission by the way!)

  • Hello there.<br />
    When I worked for the council many many moons ago we were taught to brush the grass 5-10 minutes before we were to cut, especially on the bowling greens (where we used a cane with 10 feet of washing line tied on the end) This dislodges the dew onto the roots and allows a drier cut to be made, ensuring a sharp edge to the grass causing less damage and so a neater and more disease free area.<br />
    Hope that helps you.<br />
  • you can use a lawn switch to clear due off I have a cheep 5m telescopic fishing pole and work backwards it only takes a few minute's to do a lawn  

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    Do we know how long the commercial warranty is ?

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