Wet cutting rotary mower?

Hi any recommendations on a mower more suited to cutting (and collecting) wet grass. Ideally petrol, rotary with roller, 50cm+.A salesman recommended the Arco Liner, it has a dual cut blade and a largish grass box entrance.Is there anyone with first hand experience of a mower that works well in the wet?

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  • We prefer roller mowers and have been running an Atco Liner alongside our Hayter 48 and 56's.  The liner definitely picks up better in the wet.  It is also preferred as being lighter to use.  Bit 'plasticy' in  places but has a double cut blade and a fan to help suction.

  • I've been using the Danarm pro 53 for the past few years now and it's generally great. Hi lift blade and keeping the bag as clean as practical, plus a slight speeding up of the engine. It usually packs the grass in firmly and requires a fair effort to lift the bag off to tip it out.

    I put the machine in to get the roller bearings changed every year even if it's still running, gives the machine a better chance of lasting longer, getting the axle all cleaned and greased along with the new bearings.

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    I have a Weibang pro 56 as my main machine and while it's fairly decent in the wet, it isn't as good as the Lawnflite pro I had in both 48 and 56.

    Sadly the Lawnflites kept lunching themselves and enough was enough hence the Weibang.
    I have had to raise the revs a touch but it will fill a bag nicely.
    • Lunching themselves?? as in breaking down?
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        Yes, various roller and drive problems.
        I know them inside and out having been a lawnmower mechanic starting out from school so while I know how to repair them I just lost the will to keep stripping them down.
        The 48 had the Kawasaki engine and it really wasn't happy hot starting and the 56 had the Honda engine that the Conrod came loose on which I've never heard of before so it killed the crank, rod, piston and bore.
        They were both old though and bought secondhand to get me started but after breakdowns I needed reliability so after some homework decided on a Weibang.
        • I was under the assumption Honda's were bullet proof! Maybe not.
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            They normally are but you'll always get the odd one, a Conrod coming loose really is a freak event.
  • Hi am interested in the discussion on mowers.  I have just joined juice and am returning to my roots (horticultural work) after 30+ years in Sport & Leisure Management. 

    Have just started a garden design and maintenance business - and looking to buy a rotary mower.   

    Would like something fairly rugged and reliable for the maintenance work, and years ago used to use Mountfields' that seemed to do a sterling job.   I noted that Screwfix were selling  Mountfields' but equally don't see Mountfields having high ratings in the few reviews I have looked at. 

    Any suggestions - intending to use on gardens anything up to 1000sq m



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