Weibang oil/grease leak

Have had my Weibang 48 pro around 10 days now and very impressed with it. Copes well with long wet grass, although the very long stuff does need going over twice but that's just as quick as trying to force it and blocking up.

Anyway noticed what I thought was dripping water on floor of my van after first customer but then on closer inspection it was oily. Had a look and looks to appears to be coming from around where the spindle comes out of the gearbox. Wiped it clean and dry and did next lawn which was 20 mins and no sign of anything. Spoke to the dealer and he reckons gearbox is filled with grease and could be a new machine thing and that I was ok to carry on , keeping an eye on it. 

Did next lawn which was an hour and had a look and had a smear of oil/grease in the same area.

Any one else had similar issues?

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    Have to say I haven't noticed anything on my new Weibang pro 48, and the van floor beneath where it sits has no stains on it, (just checked), but when I grab it out of lockup tomorrow I will take a look and report back...
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    Hi just an update for you, checked Weibang this morning and it was clean, used it all day and still clean, no signs of any grease or oil on either the gearbox or the spindle/ drive shaft.
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    I wondered (as I've just got the same mower), if there was any further news on this? I've had no problem meself for what it is worth.

    • Dropped off at the dealers yesterday to sort out. It looks to be coming from the top of the gearbox from what I could see and on a 30 min mow would produce  a good thumbs smear of oil. Hope to get it fixed within 3 days but will see......

      • All sorted, they replaced gearbox and apparently this is the first one they've heard of !!

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          Thanks Ben. It's good to get feedback on equipment. For what its worth, I'm very pleased with my PRO48. It's a beast, works well in the wet and the build quality looks superb. Of course, that means it is heavy and the downside is the weight. As I have a small van with 2 mowers on board, I need to fold the handles before loading it onto the van and this is the hardest part of each job!

          • Same here, run a Combo van, so soon learnt the easiest way was to fold up and then push up a ramp through the side door.Agree it's great in the wet, have found on very long grass it's best to take the worst off then go over it again, full bags every time saving time and effort , no wet soggy clippings left on the lawn either :-)


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          Brilliant, happy mowing from here then....
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