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    Have you seen it running? Wisbech isnt far from Ramsey, and with family round there not too far out of the way, the big Q is would they last as long as a second hand hayter or etesia at the same price

    colin said:
    quite a good mower actually theres a chap near wisbech sells them he used to sell toro but fell out with them. he imports by the lorry full and fairly cheap, he sells on ebay i think its carter and sons
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    I've called 3 local suppliers with regard to a new mower, commercial possibly self propelled mulcher, WEIBANG came up with all 3, they seem to be selling bucket loads. U.K.
    Co made in China, combination. Of all the best bits from Hayter, Honda etc, only down side is very heavy it seems.

    Works well in the wet
    Give a great stripe
    Fairly well priced
    Commercial has a Kawasaki engine, shame not a Honda

    Has anyone purchased one lately, any comments or opinions
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      Took a look at them at saltex very well built, pro 48 BBC roller would be my choice the weight reflects on the build quality felt very robust, even things like cables seemed twice as thick of normal mowers, first pro roller I've seen with 3 speed box, and never seen any manufacture offering a 3 yr commercial warrenty, regarding the kawa engine carnt fault them got one on my 755ks Viking.
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      My concern would be the spares situation. Last time they came to the UK they disappeared again because Weibang wasn't interested in providing backup (or maybe it was the main importer, I'm not sure where along the chain it was but I believe it was spares related)

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        From their website:


        Looks a considerable Dealer Network:

        3Yr Commercial / 5yr Domestic warranty

    • I bought the pro 48 model in december for £925. Its a brilliant bit of kit,the best mower ive bought. Its very heavy though ive got to use a ramp to drive it into van. I would recomend them.
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    I bought the 16" 18 months ago when my etesia blew up. I originally bought it to get me through the end of the season but i used it all the following year and its still in use now, never skips a beat. Cost buttons.

  • Had a look on the website and they look alright.

    Can't see a 56pro with BBC :(

    The 48pro looks quite good. Will pop into my local dealer today and see what Andy says about them.
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