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First proper post on here so hello there 

I've been driven to distraction by my Hayter Harrier 48 PRO in all this rain so have decided to buy a new mower this weekend. After reading the posts on this very helpful site it seems that the professional Weibang range are an excellent choice. I just wanted to ask before I go ahead and take the plunge that are that really that much better in the rain as that is my major requirement really. I ask as they have the canvas bag rather than a plastic box which in my experience always seems to be considerably better for wet grass collection. However, the roller Vikings that use the plastic box are not reliable enough for full time maintenance in my experience and the Etesias are prohibitively expensive for me.

Any last minute advice would be most welcome, whether that's the thumbs up or an alternative suggestion.

Many thanks in advance,


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    i got a weibang legacy 56 had it now for 5 weeks or so and can not fault it if i could i swap one of my Kaaz in for another.i used hayters, hondas, estesia. i say they as good  if not better than the honda or Kaaz better than the hayters   

  • Thanks for your reply Roy, much appreciated.

    Could I just ask how you find the weight? At over 60kg's it looks to be considerably heavier than anything i've used before. On large grass areas I wouldn't think it'd be an issue but a large portion of my business is small residential gardens so that is a bit of a concern.

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      it is very heavy but for me it not a problem most of the lawn it used on are 700 m sq plus   for small lawns it could be a problem i still got a kaaz 19 inch that we use for smaller gardens 

  • Ok, well thank you for your help. I'll go over to the nearest dealer and give it a good look over. Thanks

  • Hello all again,

    So i've decided to purchase the Weibang and am off to collect it this weekend.

    I'm thinking of also purchasing a 4 wheeled mower as new van space allows me to carry two mowers at a time now.

    Can anybody recommend a particularly good one as i've only ever used roller mowers for my business up until now. Budget up to around the £1000 mark.

    Many thanks to everyone in advance again for helping.

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      Why not stick with the weibang, I bought a cheap as chips domestic 3 seasons ago to tide me over while the etesia was in the shop and i'm still using it.

      • Thanks Jason, appreciate the response.

    • My second mower is a Etesia Duocut 46RMCB. Me and Jack both prefer to use it over the Hayter 56Pro. 

      Cut/collect or mulch whatever the weather

  • Hi,

    Final question before I make my purchases tomorrow: does anybody have any experience with Efco lawnmowers? I'm looking at their top of the range 4 wheeled machines (the MR55-HXF or the MR55-TBI) as my second mower. Any thoughts? They look good on internet paper, but real world practice is often a different story!

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