Weibang High Lift Blade

Hello all,

I was wondering if anybody that has the Legacy Pro 48 BBC had successfully changed the blade to a higher lift variety? I can only seem to find a 21" version on line. Plus, i'm not sure if it's even feasible on the 19" BBC model considering that the supplied blade is even less high lift than on the version without the BBC.


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    The high lift blade off of the non BBC model has a different hole placement for bolting on, so can't be used unfortunately...
  • I am looking at buying a Weibang 48 with BBC and the dealer said that all Legacy models have the same shape blade and the BBC has 3 bolts as opposed to one.  He also said that the collection in both wet and dry conditions is "phenomenal" (his words).  So why would you need a highlift blade?, does that mean that the collection in wet isn't that good after all?

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      Yeah ok, not the case with regards to the blades, the 48 pro with BBC controls has smaller wing tips on its high lift ends of blade compared to the non BBC models which has double the size wing tips, this is because the clutch system while engaging would be put under too much pressure whilst engaging the blades, it's the high lift blade is what makes this machine good in the wet, it's not phenomenal by any means, if you want phenomenal then you need either the Viking or Etesia.
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      Oliver, see if you can view the two machines side by side to see the difference, I promise you that unless something has changed in the last 2 weeks then the blades are different mate... good luck
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      No, it's terrible in my experience, by far the worst mower I've used in the wet.

      It may have been a dud from the word go though
  • Thanks will take a look side by side . It's the one with Kawasaki kai engine 2017.  Guess the dealer was talking the talk.

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      Demo it, in all conditions and if they won't then walk.

      I was absolutely gutted and had to take a hit on it by swapping it for a 56 pro which is much better but nowhere near phenomenal, for me it basically does what it should be doing and that's cutting and collecting grass.

      I actually refused to use the 48bbc in the end, it just sat in the garage until the 56 came into stock.
    • From my own experience it's the best canvas bag mower i've used for collection, my others have been pro Hayter's and Honda's. It is definitely not as good at wet collection as the Etesia or Viking i've owned. I had it serviced over the weekend and its performance today was exceptional, however I know that as the blade dulls and bag gets dirty then collection suffers as you would expect. I asked about the high lift blade as i'd take any help with collection when we have as much rain as we've had this year.

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    As an aside - nearly all new mowers have their engine speed set slightly lower than optimum.

    Handbook will show max recommended rpm and engine power chart will show where peak power is.

    However, issues - warranties, noise & engine longivity.

    Some Dealers will tweak, others will leave.

    Always check yours. A simple battery powered tacho costs ~ £8

    It's one of the biggest reasons a mower under performs, along with blocked deck airflow, gunged up collection bag, dull blade or; if an old mower - in dire need of a service

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