Hi all, 

I have been asked to apply a weedkiller to kills all hard surface weeds for all season. I explained i could not guarantee a weedkiller to kill all for the rest of the season, and i would be prepared to spot kill for an additional two sessions to make sure. 

We use Rosate 36, would you use a stronger weedkiller like Chikra or something else. 

I look forward to hearing your comments. 



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    Hi Andrew,

    Your best bet is to stick with a total weed killer like you have got. A treatment every 6-8 weeks would be ideal then the weeds that come back will get less and less. It is a case of just keeping on top of them.

    There are products such as Chikara and Paradise which contain flazasulfuron and lay the residual barrier however they only have the approval to be used on permeable surfaces.

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    Hammer/Chikra tank mix  .... +1

    It's the business.... Instant knockdown + Good residual. It's a staple diet for us at business parks.

    With repeat applications of Hammer as needed.

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    Thank you for your responses, I've given the client an option for my standard weedkiller and also Chikara. (stronger option) We haven't used this product as yet, can you recommend any good adjuvntes to be used in conjunction with either, My standard is rotate 36. 



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    Chikara is not the best or most economical for post emergent weed control on permeable surfaces. Much better to mix with a glyphosate such as the Rosate (TF ?) you are using or Hammer, Roundup etc...they will clear the weeds and the Chikara will prevent new seeds germinating. We have both Chikara and Paradise and they are exactly the same active ingredients...

    'Stronger' weedkiller for hard surfaces is a bit of a misnomer since stronger weedkillers like Roundup ProVantage 480g/L are diluted more than the 360g/L strength..

    If you want a residual for hard surfaces to give you season long or close to season long control then look at the Nomix system - Nomix Dual is the only option: SEE HERE. Needs a TDC Compact lance to work it....HERE

    Nomix Dual | Residual Weed Killer | Progreen - ProGreen
    Residual herbicide - Controls weeds & keeps weeds at bay - Use with Nomix TDC applicator - Fast UK delivery - FREE advice
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