An interesting development, but the 'information' battle regarding Glyphosate continues........

"A scientist who advised a United Nations agency to classify the world’s most widely used weedkiller as carcinogenic received $160,000 (£121,500) from law firms bringing claims by cancer victims against the manufacturer.

Christopher Portier advised the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the World Health Organisation, which concluded in March 2015 that glyphosate was a “probable human carcinogen”.

Story continues here......

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    Given today’s EU Parliment vote on the future of #Glyphosate where does it leave Agriculture and Horticulture ?
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      Interesting times!
      It does make you wonder what will happen!
      It’s surprising in some respects as they obviously can’t agree on the best way forward.
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    The Parliament vote was non-binding but it has made the Commission pause....Possibly there will be a fudge so a 10-15 year approval will be shortened to 3-5 years. Farmers, producers and other users like councils are not being heard....there has been no thought as to what can be used instead short term ...the cost implications for our food prices and Council Tax bills will be dramatic....

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      I wonder if sales will soar in the short term. Would people be stupid enough to use it after a ban came into effect?
      I use next to none but some must use a fair bit.
      What would the options be for small users?
      • PRO Supplier would be like 80's Russia with queues round the block ! :-)

        for hard surfaces you are looking at industrial strength Acetic acid (vinegar) ...for large scale use then hot foam, electric or gas burners...each has their benefits and failings. No magic bullet

  • The IARC report of June 2015 is the completely responsible for the whole firestorm surrounding Glyphosate.

    Their is no other or since science body or Government regulatory  body that has EVER concluded there is/could be a problem as a carcinogen.

    Several things you should know about IARC

    1. They are a group of 27 scientists who meet once a year in their Lyon offices in France; they do no research themselves, instead they 'select' papers from the existing global pool and put their interpretation on it.

    2. The lead scientist who was co-opted onto the panel specifically for the Glyphosate review and who steered the review was previously a paid consultant for an 'environmental' organisation. This individual Christopher Portier was employed by the anti-pesticide American NGO, Environmental Defence Fund (EDF).

    3. He didn't declare he was taking money for cancer litigation cases against Monsanto, as per Gary's article.

    4. IARC 'edited out' on 10 occasions,  non-carcinogenic studies >>

    5. IARC didn't include the biggest ever study of farmers spanning two decades,  that concluded there was no link whatsoever to increased cancer rates. This AHS study encompassed 53,000 farmers, who in the US use Glyphosate constantly due to GMO crop prevalence. Lead scientist on this biggest ever health study of frequent Glyphosate users was Dr Aaron Blair, who also sat on the IARC panel so knew completely of its existence and admitted it would have, in meta-weight evidence have likely changed the now famous outcome.

    Since the IARC monograph 35 countries have had their regulatory authorities review Glyphosate, including Australia, Switzerland, Canada and the ECHA which reviews collectively on behalf of all EU countries. And guess what.........not one has found any health issues.

    The loss of Glyphosate for entirely political reasons is going to lead to a serious food crisis 3-5 after its gone, with no way left to control weeds cereal production will progressively fall year on year by  incremental amounts. >>

    Its worrying indeed when a social media firestorm wins politicians and defeats the overwhelming body of scientific evidence.

    Glyphosate: WHO cancer agency edited out
    When the International Agency for Research on Cancer reviewed weedkiller glyphosate, significant changes happened between a draft report and the fina…
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